Harkla Sleep Supplements For Kids

Harkla Natural Sleep Supplements For Kids Review

When I was contacted by Harkla to do a review of their kids sleep supplements I was very excited. Sleep is something that has been a problem for me personally since I was born and my daughter takes after me 100% in this aspect.

I barely slept as a baby and I started having terrible sleep terrors when I did sleep. By the time I was 2 years old my mother was at her wits end and the doctor put me on sedatives due to the severity of the problem.

I still have insomnia and struggle to stay asleep during the night. I usually wake up at least 3 – 4 times and very often I struggle to go back to sleep again for a long period of time.

My daughter barely slept until she was 3 years and 4 months old. Until that time she never slept longer than 2 hours day or night. She also had sleep terrors often and it was terribly trying, especially since I still have insomnia so those few times when I did manage to fall asleep I would wake up to my daughter screaming.

The first few years of being a mother are a complete blur to me, I can’t even begin to describe the exhaustion.

***Disclosure – This post is sponsored by Harkla*** 

Harkla Natural Sleep Supplements For Kids Review

Fast forward to now – my son is turning 5 just before Christmas and my daughter has just turned 8 years old. They both sleep relatively well, although perhaps for a family that has not experienced all the difficulties we have may think they don’t sleep well.

My kids take a while to fall asleep when they go to bed. They like to behave like monkeys and squabble for a while. They share a room and my son enjoys the challenge of jumping from one bed to another which really works my daughter up. You get the picture? So this usually goes on for 30 – 40 minutes each night.

My kids also do not sleep through the night. They both usually wake up and come sleep with me, often with a few requests for something to drink during the night.

The next challenge is getting them up in the morning since they have not had the best rest during the night. So you can understand why I was so keen to give these supplements a go!

About Harkla Sleep Supplements

The main product is the Nighttime Relaxation Blend which is an all natural supplement with the main ingredients being:

  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • L-Theanine
  • Lavender Leaf Powder
  • Chamomile Extract

These are all fantastic products for good sleep. I have been drinking chamomile tea and making use of Lavender to help me sleep for many years.

Then you can also purchase the Sleep With Melatonin supplement to go with the Nighttime Relaxation Blend. I’m sure you are familiar with Melatonin – it is the hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle and it is often used to help with sleep difficulties. While I have been interested in trying out Melatonin supplements before I have never made use of any before.

You can use the Nighttime Relaxation Blend on its own or use the Melatonin in conjunction with it to kick start the process. If your child is especially sensitive, such as a child with autism, you can continue with the Melatonin supplement.

Our Experience With Harkla Kids Supplements

I was honestly not expecting to see a difference immediately and I was not expecting to see a huge improvement using these supplements.

The first night we used the supplements I was blown away. The first thing that happened was the nightly bedtime circus did not happen. My kids had their bath, went to bed and went straight to sleep without a peep. That in itself was incredible. They both slept the whole night through in their own beds and it took just one call from me to wake them up and for them to get up out of bed without groaning or moaning even once.

We have had the odd night where the kids went to bed without a fuss, the odd night where they slept in their own beds and a few nights where they got up without any drama – but all of these things together in one go with both kids? It has never happened before!

I also took the supplements because I like to try out whatever my kids are using, plus as a recovering addict and alcoholic there are no good things I can take for my sleep problems. I can take the same medications and supplements my kids take.

I woke up only once during the night and went straight to sleep again which is also a great improvement for me.

My kids used both supplements for 5 days and then I continued only with the relaxation blend. Every night they have gone to bed without a fuss and for the first 5 days my son slept in his own bed with no wake ups or disturbances of any kind. My daughter came to my bed twice during the first 5 days but no other disturbances such as requests for something to drink.

When we finished with the Melatonin the kids continued to go to sleep quietly and quickly. They come to my bed less often and when they do it is a quiet move without any other disturbances. They have also continued to get up easily in the morning.

My Final Verdict For Harkla Sleep Supplements

This is a fantastic product. I love the fact that it is all natural and safe for my kids. I love the fact that there is complete transparency about the ingredients.

The supplements are easy to chew and while they are not what I would call tasty, they are not unpleasant. You can also crush them and add them to a drink or food if your child does not like the taste.

Best of all is that this is a product that truly works – and if it does not work for your child they guarantee to refund you with no questions asked! So really what is to lose?

If you are struggling with your child’s sleep I highly recommend that you give Harkla sleep supplements a go.

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  1. Can you buy these locally in South Africa?

  2. My son doesn’t sleep very well either. And I totally understand the exhaustion. I think I might not have slept properly for many years now just because my child doesn’t sleep well. It affects health of both of us. I am so glad that I stumbled upon your Facebook page earlier and now your blog and learned about these natural sleep supplements. I will have to look into these.

  3. I about died laughing over your paragraph describing a typical bedtime before the supplements were introduced “They like to behave like monkeys”…. I can deeply relate. I’m glad to hear these worked so well for your kiddos. Sleep is so important to maintain sanity (and for other things).

  4. Linda Bebbington

    That was informative, thanks for posting I really enjoyed reading it. I’ll have to look into it further now that my interest has been peaked. Nice piece of work, keep it up, I’ll check back and look forward to reading more about the topic. This is fascinating, I was not aware that kids could be given sleep supplements. I’ll have to inform my daughter as she as a one year old. Great stuff.

    • Good to know…very informative…i dont have any problems with the kids sleeping patterns…but i will definitly show my sister in law….she has twins and they sleep so little and just want to play…even in the night.. she will appreaciate the fact that there is something she can give the twins to sleep…shes so stressed and tired…. .thanks for this

  5. Kids can be so unpredictable when it comes to sleep. One night they are an angel and the next they would be awake at 1 in the morning. I am glad there are supplements for kids to help them sleep well. I wonder if these supplements also help kids who have night terrors? Glad it worked for you and you are sleeping well.

  6. Louise Ingenbleek

    I will surely tell my sisters about this. They all have small kids and I am sure they are also struggling with them sleeping well in this crazy Covid world

  7. My sister has kids who struggle with sleep so I will definitely let her know about these 😁

  8. Belinda Kersten

    I think I definitely need to get some of these. My kids (Aged 6 & 2) rarely stay in their beds at night. Will definitely give it a shot if it is within my budget :-/

  9. Caitlin Van tonder

    Where can these be bought ? .. My baby Brother is Downsyndrome i wonder if he can use them, he is extremely restless during the night . There is not one night he sleeps through, i thought as well it can be fun for him as well.

  10. Botlhale Ramorula

    My daughter is turning 4 years in December she is a very fussy sleeper or she would stay up all night and sleep around 4 to 5am in the morning. I would love to try these Supplements. I hope i will be able to find them and try them out.

    • You can contact Harkla direct to get them, click on the link in the post to get to their website! I hope your girl starts sleeping better soon Botlhale, it is so hard when kids don’t sleep well plus good sleep is so important for their health and development.

  11. My daughter is turning 14 in August 2020. I would love to try these supplements for her as she has trouble sleeping since she became an active toddler. Tried many things and nothing worked.

  12. Shana Janse van vuuren

    Hi. I was wondering if these sleep supplements are available for other ages besides kids?

  13. Ennie livhuwani Muleya

    I will defenetly try this to by baby sister

  14. Hi I would like to know where I can buy these sleep supplements please? Thank

  15. Annelise Pollock

    My 4 year old still comes through to our bed every single night and he sleeps like a ninja! I have to get my hands on these asap

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