Rescue Hybrids Review – Hybrid Toys That Capture The Imagination

Dickie Toys Rescue Hybrids has just launched in South Africa and is available in all leading toy stores. We were lucky to be gifted the full range to write a Rescue Hybrids review.

***Disclosure – This post is a trade exchange (the products were gifted in exchange for a review), the views remain my own***

Rescue Hybrids Review

Dickie Toys Rescue Hybrids

Rescue Hybrids are feature packed toys that have multiple functions. They can be played with individually, or connected to each other in multiple ways. When all the toys are connected they recognize each other and the integrated team sound function is activated and plays the Rescue Teams sound.

They are available at Toy Zone, Toys R Us, Toy Kingdom, Hamleys and Takealot.

Rescue Hybrids full set

We received the full set of Rescue Hybrids:

Rescue Hybrids Fire Tanker

55cm Fire tanker with water spray function, light and sound effects, a detachable ladder and two small vehicles.

Sky Patroller Toy Helicopter

35cm Toy helicopter rescue aircraft with water spray function and fold-out wings.

Police Bot

35cm Police vehicle with transformer function, light and sound effects, and other features.

Drone Bike

12cm Transformer 2-in-1 vehicle – drone and motorbike

Spider Tank

12cm Transformer 2-in-1 tank and robot with additional small car

Police Trooper

12cm Robot police vehicle 2-in-1 with detachable toy with and cool functions.

My Rescue Hybrids Review

My kids were blown away by the Rescue Hybrids toys. My son has played with them endlessly every day since receiving this set and any friends that visit immediately make a beeline for them.

Each toy is fun to play with on its own, and there are so many ways to connect the toys together. This has fascinated my son and captured his imagination. There are sound effects, transformer functions, water sprayers, shooting features, and more.

The additional cars that came with can be attached to some of the toys and there are storage compartments for multiple cars in the Fire Tanker. My son’s favourites out of this set are the Fire Tanker and Police Bot. He also loves the water sprayers and shooting the rockets, as well as the additional cars that he can ride down the Fire Tanker.

Some of the toys use batteries and they come already installed, which is a bonus in my eyes. There is nothing worse than unpacking an awesome toy and finding that you need to run out to the shops to grab batteries to make it work before your child can play.

Rescue Hybrids are high quality and won’t break easily, I know because we have already had a few playdates with a number of kids, including a birthday party. We also had a toddler throw a few items, helping us to test the quality. My kids are hard on toys, so having quality toys that don’t break is an absolute must in our home.

Rescue Hybrids is out right in time for Christmas, they will make the perfect Christmas gift this year, making them the envy of all their friends. I highly recommend Rescue Hybrids, they are high quality, fun, interactive, and durable. They are sure to capture your child’s imagination, and keep your kids entertained for hours on end.

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  1. I would love to win amazing prize everyday

  2. This toy sounds really amazing, it would make a cool christmas gift too. Boys will love this. i see the price range is not too bad too

  3. The fact that they spray water would capture my child not to mention the assembly he loves to build things. This is truly an all in toy. Amazing

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