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4 Great Bulk Recipes For Freezing

Cooking with a large pot

Anything that makes my life easier is a winner and these great bulk recipes for freezing make my life so much easier! If I spend a few hours each month making these recipes it gives me lots of frozen meals that I can pull out of the freezer on one of those days when everything goes wrong and time is short.

I’m loving these recipes and if I make one of each in a month it equates to sixteen meals in a month for my family of four! I try to make one bulk recipe each week which we can eat that night and then I can freeze three more meals to use later.

When I work this right I only cook a proper meal once or twice a week since I prepare meals Mondays to Thursdays – on Fridays we have take out or I make a quick meal like hot dogs or hamburgers. Saturdays and Sundays my hubby braais for us.

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The Benefits Of Bulk Recipes For Freezing

Tips To Make The Most Of Your Freezer Meals

Having freezer meals on hand is fantastic but you really want to get the most out of this convenience. Here are some ways to ensure that things go smoothly:

Bulk Recipes For Freezing

Make sure that you have lots of freezer bags or containers to freeze your meals. You will also need some really big pots and pans to make these meals otherwise you are going to find yourself with overflowing pots which is messy and no fun. I bought myself a large potjie pot which is fantastic and I make the beef stew in it once a month, it makes the stew perfectly and it is also more fun cooking it.

Chicken A La King Bulk Recipe

This is a big time family favourite and one of my favourite meals. It is always a pleasure taking this out of the freezer when I’m feeling tired and worn out.

Make sure to plan to make some meringues, or even better a lemon meringue pie, since you will have left over egg whites and it would be a shame to put that to waste.



Make sure to let the meal cool completely before portioning it and freezing it.

Mince Bulk Recipe

This recipe is super tasty and mince is so versatile. I love mixing it up by sometimes serving it on rice with some veggies, other nights with spaghetti or adding some mashed potato on top and grilling it to make cottage pie. It is also fantastic on toast or baked potatoes.

Having mince on hand at all times makes dinner times so easy. This recipe makes four full  meals plus I always have some left over for lunch the next day which makes my life even easier.

Please make sure to leave plenty of time to make this recipe if you plan to eat on the same day you make it – it takes 2 hours simmering on the stove so make sure to accommodate for this. We usually eat around 18h30 so I start preparing this meal at 16h00 so I have plenty of time for the chopping and grating.

Please note that the original recipe that I used had 1 cup of red wine but I replaced that with ¼ cup of balsamic vinegar as I am an alcoholic in recovery so feel free to use wine instead of balsamic vinegar.



Make sure to cool the meal down completely before portioning it and freezing it.

Beef Stew Bulk Recipe

This recipe is so super tasty and such a hearty meal. We love eating this on cold winter days, plus when I make this I don’t use the stove, I cook it in the potjie using our indoor draai so it warms the house up and make such a wonderful ambience.

This recipe also has a long cook time – I leave it in the potjie for 1 ½ hours and don’t forget to accommodate for making the fire and preparing the ingredients too. We eat at around 18h30 every evening so I start the fire at about 16h00 so we can eat on time.

A reminder that since I am an alcoholic I cannot have wine in this recipe, but if you love red wine in your food swap the balsamic vinegar for a cup of wine.

I’m also going to start playing around with this recipe and start adding waterblommetjies and potatoes.



Chicken Curry Bulk Recipe

I’m a huge fan of curry when it is mild and spicy, rather than very hot so this recipe is perfect for me. I used Roberston’s Rajah Flavourful and Mild curry powder and it came out beautifully. If you like your curry hotter use a different curry powder and you can always increase the amount that you use to make it stronger.

This recipe makes enough for four meals for two adults and two children.



At some stage I am also going to try this recipe with vegetable stock and vegetables instead of chicken because my daughter prefers eating vegetarian meals than meals with meat in them. I will share with you all how that goes once I’ve played around with the recipe.

I hope you have all enjoyed these bulk recipes for freezing and that they make your life easier. If you have any good bulk recipes for freezing please send them my way in the comments!

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