Powerful Weight Loss Juicing Recipes

3 Powerful Weight Loss Juicing Recipes

If someone wants to lose weight when consuming some essential nutrients and vitamins, then juice should be his/ her first choice.

Question may arise how juice help to lose weight?

Most of the juices let your body absorb everything in them smoothly without giving your digestive system any pressure. Thus your body can save some energy while processed foods require more time and energy to digest.

Powerful weight loss juicing recipes

However, you can make your juices manually but most consumers like a masticating juicer or slow speed juicer to juice. Now, let’s take a look on the powerful weight loss juicing recipes below.

Green detox juice

  1. The Ultimate Green Detox Juice

The green detox juice recipe is one of the most delicious and popular juice recipes you could ever want to make and drink! With this juicing recipe, it has the perfect mix and blend of fine fruits and vegetables that make it super healthy and tastes very nice. So much so, even young children will enjoy drinking this one!

As you may well know, apples or full of nutritional value. They are not only a great source of Vitamin C but they have polyphenols in them which provide many other healthy benefits for your body. In this green detox juice recipe, you can add or subtract as many apples as you need to make it sweet or less sweet depending on your tastes.

The Green Detox Juice Recipe

  • Two green apples sliced in half.
  • Three celery stalks (no leaves).
  • One whole fresh cucumber.
  • 8 Kale leaves (shredded).
  • Half a lemon (peeled).
  • One fresh piece of ginger.
  • A mint sprig (optional but makes it nice and minty).

Tropical carrot apple juice

2: Tropical Carrot Apple Juice

Not a lot of drinks contain carrot extracts today, but they should since carrots have a lot of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants in them. They’re also a great source of Vitamin A which comes in the form of beta carotene of course. Not to mention a great source of extra B and K vitamins and potassium too.

And this particular tropical carrot apple juice recipe then is not only going to be super good for you, but also tastes really tropical indeed! Carrot juice has a nice pleasant sweet taste to it and it goes really well with the juice of apples. However, you will want to make sure you use firm apples for a much clearer juice drink.

The Tropical Carrot Apple Juice Recipe.

  • One large apple cut into quarters.
  • 1/4 or 15oz of chunky pineapple.
  • Two large carrots sliced.
  • Two fresh ginger pieces.

Lemons for weight loss juicing recipes

3: The Zesty Lemon Apple Juice

For a much ligher yet surprisingly tangy tasting drink that is a perfect juice drink for your breakfast in the morning or even for your lunch in the day, the zesty lemon apple juice drink is what you want. Apples and lemons are full of antioxidants and cucumbers have lots of healthy benefits since they are packed full of vitamin K.

The Zesty Lemon Apple Juice Recipe

  • Two lemons that are peeled and sliced in half.
  • Four apples that have been quartered.
  • Two cucumbers sliced in half.
  • One cup of fresh water.

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  1. I find carrot and beetroot too grainy or woody when I juice it. I really don’t like the taste and texture. A few of my friends have followed a vegetable juice detox diet and obtained wonderful results. Their only negative comments were that it was rather expensive as one used packs of vegetables per day to achieve a few glasses of juice.

    I will try to above, save for the carrot one.

  2. Wow these recipes are awesome I just invested in a NutriBullet so this is a perfect time to try these out. Only problem I don’t eat carrots 🥕… But I will try with out or a supplement… Saving the recipes now. Thank you

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