Rainbow Tutu for girls

Rainbow Tutu for Girls Review

I have been just itching for this Rainbow Tutu for girls to arrive, I was absolutely convinced that it was going to be shoddy quality because if you buy something for $4.99 with free shipping well what can you expect right?

The SA Post Office is so expensive now that it is over R40 to post an ordinary parcel nationally,  never mind arriving from China!

But my girl wanted that Rainbow Tutu so I decided to make my first ever eBay purchase, the worst that can happen is I lose $4.99 which at the time I ordered only came to R71.35.

I couldn’t help but wonder it would get lost in the post, or if when it arrived in South Africa it would get held up at customs and I would have to pay import taxes on it and how much that would come to.

So I ordered the Rainbow Tutu on the 15 August 2016 and the expected delivery date was marked as 05 September – 04 October.

I was quite chuffed to find it sitting at the post office ready for me on 16 September, not just had it actually made it without a hitch on time but it had bypassed customs without me having to pay anything extra.

When I opened it up at home I was very impressed to find an absolutely beautiful girls Rainbow Tutu. I’m not sure about you but I always feel a little nervous about ordering things online, especially when it is cheap and comes from China. I guess deep down I was expecting to receive something that vaguely resembles the picture on eBay, but its poorer and shabbier long lost cousin if you know what I mean?

I know so many people that have ordered things online from China and the pic looks great online, but when you compare the real thing that you receive to the image, well whoever did that image must have some might fine Photoshop skills…

My daughter fell in love with her new tutu immediately and has now worn it three times in the space of a week, so I am able to report back that having sent it through the wash three times in one week it is still looking perfect!

Wearing Rainbow Tutu For Girls

Oh and just note I do NOT hand wash anything. I don’t care what the label says or how delicate the clothing is, it goes in the washing machine along with everything else. What doesn’t make it gets buried in the bin. I do sometimes feel a bit sad, but laziness over rides that feeling very quickly.

I get it, some mommies hand wash delicate items  and do white washes and light/ dark colour washes…. well sorry, not me. I am not fond of laundry chores as it is, so yes this tutu has survived the ultimate test of my washing ritual of just stuffing as much clothes at once into the machine as I possibly can, not just once but three times.

One day when I am making millions and billions from my blogs I will get a full time maid and she can sit and hand wash delicate items… she can also start ironing so I can stop hanging my clothes until the creases go out!

So yes mommies, this is an absolutely fantastic buy for your little princesses. I highly recommend you get this Rainbow Tutu. It is beautiful, quality and very well priced, the only bummer I can think of is the long wait to receive your order via snail mail!

Keep your eyes peeled, I ordered a lot more goodies from eBay that day, some really awesome goodies that includes a handbag for me which I am LOVING, I just haven’t had the time to review it yet! I also got some really nice cheap bras too, bonus, yes a review will follow on these too.

I also ordered a beautiful red dress with a cape for my little girl and an Elsa from Frozen dress… these I think are the two items stuck at customs or maybe one of those items are the cork wedges I am also waiting on. Who knows, I got the notifications from customs but I haven’t figured out what is sitting there yet. Three items still to arrive and two sitting at customs… we’ll see!

What do you think of this Rainbow Tutu for girls?

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  1. Hi! Love it! I have a girl of 5 years and she would be ecstatic if I buy this for her! Really keen on buying it, just not too sure about the sizes as Chinese sizes tend to be smaller than in SA.

    • I bought the right size and it fits perfectly. When you buy from eBay it is really nice that people give feedback on the products they buy and one of the things you do do is rate the sizing. This one I believe the sizing was rated as age appropriate 🙂

  2. Love love love it.
    Perfect for our Rainbow baby – the baby after a loss.
    I had a miscarriage last year.

  3. So adorable i wish i had a girl this is so cute but maybe i will have a little girl with second baby….i will enjou dressing her playing doll doing hair.

  4. So seeing this again i helped my sister in law making a Tutu not rainbow but normal tutu for a concert/dress up and crech and im proud to say it came out so cute i first wanted to order one on Amazon as its much easier i like conveniance but there wasnt time as they informed me to late.

  5. Very beautiful indeed i love the dress my daughter she is nine years i must get one for her

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