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Tips for Choosing the Best Baby Diapers

Tips for choosing the best baby diapers

Your baby will go through as many as 6000 nappies before he or she is potty trained. Diapers are without a doubt one of the biggest expenses that a parent will have to pay in the first few years of having a new baby.

But it is not just the monetary expense that you need to take into consideration while choosing the best diapers for your baby. Diapers are in direct touch with your baby’s sensitive skin, so you need to look at other factors such as how absorbant the diaper is and how comfortable the diaper is for your baby.

Tips to Choose the Best Diapers

1 Choosing the correct diaper type for your baby: Pull-on VS Fasten on

The two most common types of diapers available on the market are pull-on diapers and fasten in diapers.

Both of these types of diapers have their own pros and cons, and each should be considered while buying one.

For your newborn baby the fasten on diapers are probably best and as your child starts to potty train the pull-on diapers are more convenient.

2 Material of Diaper: Absorbancy, Breathability and Comfort

The material that the diapers use should be thoroughly looked upon when selecting a suitable diaper for your baby.

Two main things that you need to judge are whether the material of the diaper is absorbent enough so that it could absorb the wetness. The second being, is it breathable enough to provide the comfort to your baby?

Choose the diaper that offers the right balance between comfort and absorbency.

3 Brand vs Non-Brand Diapers

Do not run after brands as they can be very hefty in your pockets. Yes, popular brands may be popular and the most commonly used diapers and often they do provide superior quality material but you may find the exact material and comfort in non-branded items too.

All you need to is to do thorough research before purchasing.

4 Look for a Good Fit

Buy diapers according to the size of your baby and try find one that fits them perfectly. A loose diaper can be a cause of leakage and a tight one might be uncomfortable for your baby.

To prevent leakage, most of the diapers provide double elastic sealing edge; one along the outer shell and the other one along the absorbent core.

5 Scented vs Unscented Diapers

Many disposable baby diapers come with scents, lotion or dyes. Scented diapers may be great for the pleasant odor but scented diapers can cause skin irritations and diaper rashes.

Since your baby will be wearing diapers almost constantly for two to three years finding the best possible diaper for your baby is of great importance. It is best not compromise on the quality of diapers even if you have to pay a few extra bucks, opt for the one with premium quality.

In some cases, parents, in order to avoid the cost of diapers, opt for lower quality ones and end up paying more in the form of medical expenses, such as diaper rash remedies,  that are caused by the inferior quality diapers.

If you are not sure about the material and quality of the diapers you are thinking of purchasing, simply search online for some diaper reviews and discussions on various forums and social media networks.

Guest Post by John Johansen – Supplier of disposable incontinence products at lowest possible prices.



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