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In Search of Daniel- Release of New Book

The journey through emotional trauma can leave anyone feeling out of control, lost and in tears. The word ‘trauma’ has its origins in the Greek language and refers to ‘a wound or injury’ caused by an external force; which can be physical or psychological. Right now across the world, trauma and emotional distress is happening to all of us – to our family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. Lockdown, isolation, anxiety, depression, violence and more impacts us on a daily basis.

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In Search Of Daniel Book Release

But what are the roots of emotional trauma? Interestingly, our entry into the world, through the womb of our mothers, is often where our traumas begin. Everything pregnant mothers experience, the baby she is carrying also experiences – both good and bad. Studies in the scientific field of epigenetics is showing that ancestral health, the amniotic environment of the womb, the circumstances of our birth and intimate relationships with our caregivers- all have significant biopsychosocial impacts on a person and can have life-long consequences.

This implies that emotionally, our sense of hurt, rejection and fear often starts in the womb of our mothers. Many people are ‘orphaned’ even before they are born. The result is a life of ongoing emotional upheaval, amplified over time by personal trauma in our relationships and environments, until we reach ‘breaking point’. This takes us far away from living out a purposeful life, full of meaning and hope. The current novel explores this theme of ‘trauma in the womb’ and its unfolding inner turmoil and lingering pain. In Search of Daniel tells the story of strapping, young Daniel who discovers a devastating family secret on his eighteenth birthday.  As his life spirals out of control, he embarks on a journey of healing from the mountain slopes of Cape Town to the heart of Rwanda and the ancient cities of Israel. It is a captivating chronicle of forgiveness, healing and hope. 

Dr. Rani Samuel is a clinical psychologist, writer, inspiring blogger and walker. She has extensive experience in the area of emotional healing and wholeness. Dr. Samuel works as a psychotherapist in private practice in Durban, South Africa seeing both hospital inpatients and outpatients. She guides people through healing journeys on the landscape of heartbreak and grief. Just as a surgeon performs surgery to fix what is in need of repair, a therapist performs emotional surgery to mend the broken pieces of the heart and soul. Dr. Samuel’s work embraces both the psychological and spiritual aspects of healing and she has written two other books on Mental Health : ‘Living Stones’ and ‘Stepping Stones to Emotional Healing’. ‘In Search of Daniel’ is her debut novel. Her work and writing mends unseen scars and is a balm for the broken-hearted. Dr. Samuel is passionate about releasing people into the fullness of their divine potential and purpose so that they may become more fully alive.

Book Reviews:

“ I certainly found your novel, ‘In Search of Daniel’, a page-turner that I couldn’t put down. I identified with the characters and visualised them as real people or imagined actors playing them in a film or TV version – always a sure sign that one is enjoying a fictional work.”

Nick Cowley, Literary Editor , South Africa

In Search of Daniel’ is therapy for the soul. It is beautifully written, and is a reading experience. It invites you to examine yourself, pick up your purpose and continue on the journey set out for you. It is indeed water for the thirsty. Thank you Dr Samuel

Dr. Alicia Porter, Specialist Psychiatrist, South Africa

 I could not put the book down. It is so refreshing to read such beautiful language with the  inclusion of  amazing spiritual imagery, insight and detail.

In Search of Daniel’ has  balance and really does stand out!”

Mirolyn Naidoo, Gate Ministries Sandton, South Africa.

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