Hug In A Mug Cappuccino Sachets – My Wickedly Delicious Guilty Pleasure

If you haven’t tried Hug In A Mug yet then you have no idea what you are missing. Hug In A Mug are cappuccino sachets that come in a box of 10 and they are simply divine.

Making them is super simple, just pour the sachet contents into a mug and stir while adding hot water. I actually add a little bit of sugar and milk too because I love mine super creamy and sweet.

They come in a variety of flavors as well as hot chocolate.

They are available at all major supermarkets in South Africa so have a  look out for them.

Have you tried Hug In A Mug yet? What do you think?

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  1. You make me laugh @lynne. 🙂
    I cannot fathom the difference in price between two shops – its crazy!!!

  2. Its sound like a very good cappuccino i haven’t try it but am willing to give it a try next time when I go shopping it will be on my list. Thanks for sharing @lynne

  3. Oh my goodness, I love Hug in a Mug, especially the Hazelnut and the Vanilla Latte. I think one a day isn’t so bad, but the problem is this: whenever I go to Spar, I just buy 2 sachets at R4.99 each. Bargain, right? But we don’t drink it in the morning or the afternoon to give our bodies enough time to use up or work off all the sugar… no, we wait until our daughter is asleep, then we get in bed, watch an episode of whatever series we are following (currently Breaking Bad) and then we have our Hug in a Mugs with either a slab of chocolate or a packet of cookies. Bad move!

    Still worth the R4.99 though 😉

  4. Hug in a Mug are the best! I usually go for the Hot Chocolate flavour and it made me love hot chocolates and I used to despise it!

  5. I confess… Im also a hug in a mug addict;) the flavours are really awesome. My favourite is Toasted Marshmallows.

  6. Love Love Love…..
    After a long tiring day best way to relax and lay back without driving to a coffee shop to get a happy feeling

  7. I can relate! I can have a couple of cups a day. And then I wonder how and why I pick up weight so easily? It is just too good! I LOVE LOVE LOVE!! The toasted marshmallows, and enjoyed the cinnamon bun one as well. I generally justify buying a box or two by thinking how much we fork out for one cup of brew at a drive thru? Seems to keep the guilt at bay. 🙂

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