How To Negotiate With A Car Dealer

Most of us only buy a few cars in our lifetime, so negotiating with car dealerships is not really an experienced skill. However, with the cost of a decent vehicle these days, understanding how to get the best deal on your new ride is essential. So, how do you negotiate with a car dealer?

Shop Around

Search reputable car dealership sites to see how much the vehicle you’re interested in goes for. Make an average price based on all the prices you’ve found with the features you want. Listen to the offers the dealer makes and counter-offer with the evidence you’ve found.

Test Drive

Test drive the car and then leave before making a deal with them. Take the time to research the price even more and then call the dealership back. Instead of speaking with the salesman, talk with the person in charge of managing their internet profile dealership and start negotiating the price. Your goal is to throw them off routine. Shake things up.

Consider A Car Broker

If you don’t want to deal with any of the talking or haggling that goes into a new or used car transaction, use a car broker. A car broker will do every bit of research you need based on the limits you give them along with the features you want. They will guide you through the whole process and go with you to the dealership to negotiate an even better deal than the salesman offered before having a face-to-face conversation with them.

Play The Field

After receiving a price from one dealership, contact other dealerships to see what they will offer. Let them know that you have an offer without telling them what another dealership has offered. Insist on having them tell you their best price so that you can see if there is any room to negotiate any further or if they offer a price that sounds better than what you could’ve gotten in the first place.

Know The Full Cost

When looking over the prices offered, be patient enough to take out your phone and find a lease calculator car program that’s listed on a reputable site. Check the website whenever they say a price to see if what they offer is a deal or is much higher than what you should pay. Any options that are not mentioned by the dealer but are listed on the lease calculator should be brought up so that the prices match.

Be In Control

Be in control of the sale with your body language and your actions. Test the car’s tires by kicking on them and act like you aren’t listening too much to the salesman but are examining the car like an expert. When the dealer makes an offer, pause and wait without saying anything until they start talking again.The negotiator who speaks first loses. Leaving the dealership up to three times to think about it will cause a sense of urgency in making the sale as well.

See A Mechanic

Take the car to a mechanic you trust and have them make a write up of any problems that happen with that model or problems that are already happening. Every issue should be deducted rather than having the dealership fix it because they will usually use a cheap part that will break down faster than the actual part the car needs. If it is a reputable dealership, then have them fix it before you purchase the vehicle.

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