How to choose the best baby jumper

How To Choose The Best Baby Jumper

It’s one of the most sold baby products in the world. When baby’s growth meets smile, laugh and fun, we always find a baby jumper around. There are several types, models, brands and some parents are lost with the tons of options that industries offer.

But nowadays, a lot of parents have several questions about baby jumpers.

Is it really secure? What advantages do parents have with buying one? May we consider it as a toy or a health improvement product?

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How To Choose The Best Baby Jumper

 Why should I buy a baby jumper ?

 Fun, laughs and amusement, that’s what we feel with our little sugar. In fact, it has few advantages. When our little treasure is in a baby jumper, he really likes to move, bounce, walk and test his balance while he’s standing up.

  • Safety: All the manufacturers of baby jumpers take the first requirement really seriously. Safety is the most important value on a baby jumper, that several processes and quality control tests are involved. In fact, most of the biggest companies invest in research and development, and we are not surprised to see this market evolving quickly with new items released constantly.
  • Growth: Baby jumpers can contribute to coordinate their first movements and they spend a lot of energy while playing with it. It can be useful for parents who have some sleeping issues with their little kid every night. Nevertheless specialists’s advice is to use this accessory for 20 min only per day. This item must be used as a complementary toy for baby.
  • Fun: When parents are busy with house tasks, they always get an eye-check on their babies, for their security and comfort. A baby jumper can be fun, because it has a benefit which allows the kid to move while being attached. Parents can be less stressed and get to their duties. In addition, this toy can be playful depending on the model. Some baby jumpers have extra toys included, which can entertain the baby in a funny, laughing way.

Ok, lets try or should we say « Let baby try! », but how much does it cost? 

Price may vary, depending on the manufacturers, models and with extra features or not. It can start with 20$ for the simple ones, to 150$ for the complex models, with a complete set of toys. The benefit of this product is the fact that it serves as both support and toy. The difference is explained with the level of the entertainment that the baby jumper can offer to the child. There is choice for every need and budget, so if you want a little Tarzan at home, go and get the expensive one!

From what age  baby can use this toy?

 After asking parents, a lot of them thinks that baby jumper will fit when their kids starts to support their head and manage it on their own, without helps of mom or dad. However, every product with an age requirement must be strictly respected to prevent any injuries.

The joy that makes all mothers and fathers, when they see their little honey jumping, laughing and walking like an adult for a quick moment, is priceless.

Safety rules for a happy laughing baby :

  • Always keep the floor safe from sharp objects.
  • Don’t attach any toys with cables or strings, to avoid any strangulation issues.
  • Place the baby jumper on a flat surface.
  • Don’t leave the room when baby jumps.
  • Adhere to weight limits.

What to look for when buying a baby jumper

 At first, everyone should know that there are several types of baby jumper on the market, and like said before, price may vary because of this.

  • Doorway Baby Jumper : known also as a door jumper, this item is lightly entertaining, despite of being simple. a seat is attached with straps and cables. Nevertheless it can be only used on a door frame. It is the cheapest product in the whole category.
  • Stationary Jumper : this kind of accessory is the same as the previous one, but a door frame is not needed as all. Your baby can only bounce, due to the lack of toys, but who knows? Maybe baby want to be a future famous dancer?
  • Stationary Activity Jumper : This is the “Rolls Royce” of baby jumpers, because of what it offers. Bouncing is not only the activity of the little one in this case, there are different toys to amuse your baby, depending on the models. Everything is set up to keep your kid from being bored. These are the most expensive ones on the market.

Even if there are various models of baby jumpers, parents must follow certain rules of safety while using it. There are rules before buying too! Especially few characteristics that has to be observed. Here is the 4 golden rules to have a perfect baby jumper.

  • Weight Limit : All baby jumpers have a weight limit depending on the models, and the age requirement. Limit should not be raised, to avoid breaking the seat and any injuries.
  • Seat: This part is the core of the baby jumper. It is important to have a comfortable seat, well attached and fixed buy suspender made with elastics straps. More straps you have, the better is for the child, because of a better stability and balance for the baby. Seat with plush padding is a big advantage for your baby’s feet and health. Some models will let you make some adjustments, so you can still use it while baby keeps growing.
  • Storage: Some types of baby jumper can take a lot of place in the house. If you don’t have enough space, there are various kinds of this product that can be split in several parts, so parents can easily store it.
  • Toys: Extra items on a baby jumper is the cherry on the top. Parents can choose between different kind of lights, sounds, soft toys included with the baby jumper. The main goal is to keep the little sugar entertained. You can alternate with bouncing and playing while baby is standing up.

In conclusion, the perfect baby jumper depends on the taste and needs of each parent. It’s interesting to notice that the first approach of this item on the market is to bring utility and fun together. Both benefits cost a certain price. After all, everything is fine if baby does not wake up at the middle of the night and spend all his time crying, instead of bouncing!

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  1. Thx lynne for this ive been reading up about the jolly jumper as i call it but wasnt alot of info like this blog you posted i got one as a gift and is afraid of using it but now i feel better i have read all i must know…

    • @lisaanderson a friend gave me a jolly jumper for my daughter and she absolutely loved it. She had so much fun. I think as with a lot of other things like the baby rocker and the baby walker it is important to monitor your baby closely, follow the safety instructions and use it in moderation.

      • I agree 100% Lynne im sure my boy will also enjoy it i think the jolly jumper just looks much more open or how can i say more wild then a walker or rocker maybe thats what made me affraid i guess but im sure going to use it and ill just keep a eye at all times

  2. I think its good but i never tried to have one,maybe when i will have another child i will definetly will try to have it in my house,thank you

  3. So ive been using my jolly jumper and Lynne you where right he loves it he enjoy the jumper i started just with a short while dailly And he enjoy it so much laughes and its good for his legs

  4. My sister was using it with her daughter and I can tell by looking at the baby that she was enjoying it and she feels safe on it

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