Greeting cards ideas for any occasion

Greeting Cards Ideas for Any Occasion

Greeting cards are a wonderful way to let a loved one know that you are thinking of them on special occasions. It can be a pregnancy, birth, birthday, graduation, engagement, wedding or new job. There are also many more occasions where greeting cards are given such as Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

Greeting cards are also often given at times that are sad or worrying like someone being ill and even sympathy cards when someone has died.

I have a few friends that buy us Christmas greetings cards and post them to us every December. It is nice to know that we are thought of every year.

Greeting Cards Ideas For Any Occasion

I don’t buy greetings cards to go with all gifts that I buy or for every occasion, unless it is someone very close to me. I always give my husband a greeting card with his gift when it is his birthday, our wedding anniversary, Father’s Day or Valentine’s day. He is the most important person in my life (other than our kids of course) so he always gets something special.

My children also get special cards on their birthdays and then I take them back and put them in their keepsake box for when they are older.

When I am looking for a greeting card for any occasion I really like to get something special if it is a close friend or a family member. While there are some moments that require a special and touching message I just have to admit that my personal favorite is a funny, rude, silly, greetings card.

Humorous Greeting Cards

For me there is just something awesome about steering away from the typical sweet cards that you find in most stores.

Yes some of those store bought cards are mildly amusing greetings cards but I particularly like the really bad-ass naughty ones. They stand out, they are remembered and if they are really great they will be kept as a keepsake long after the special occasion.

I stumbled across this website that has some really awesome funny, rude and silly greeting cards for any occasion you can possibly think of, have a look at for some really funky cards. I had a browse through and I just love the congratulations you are pregnant cards. They are certainly not the usual ones you find in the shops.

I have to admit that this video really made me laugh – when I look for a wedding anniversary or Valentine’s card for my husband I find that nothing quite fits the bill for me so I usually buy a blank card and write a short love letter to my husband inside instead.

DIY Greeting Cards Ideas

If you want to give a truly special greeting card to someone special you may even want to consider searching around for some ideas online – there are some really stunning ideas on Youtube for making your own greeting cards.

If you are crafty person that these will be a great way to create personal and touching greeting cards. If you are very arty you could even draw or paint something special.

My daughter is obsessed with special occasions, birthdays in particular, so if she hears that any birthday is coming up she gets out the paper and starts drawing birthday cards for the occasion.

Digital Greeting Cards Free

If you are not such a crafty person but you are quick on a computer you could even create a digital greeting card. You can then print it out and combine it with some of the crafty ideas, or just fold it and its done! Alternatively if your loved one is far away you can email it to them.

My best suggestion for creating digital greeting cards is to use Canva – they are free plus it is so quick and easy to figure out how to use Canva.


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