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6 Reasons Why We Love Classic Disney So Much!


Some classic Disney movies might be decades old, but that doesn’t make them any less loved by Disney fans around the world. New or old, the classic Disney tales that have been with us for many years are only getting more and more popular; not less!

Why is that we can’t seem to let go of classic Disney?

Reasons why we love classic Disney so much

1. Life Lessons

There’s no doubt that Disney stories, old and new, can teach us something about life. The stories of old Disney tales were simpler and more streamlined. Aladdin taught us we can be more than what we are born into. Snow White taught us the virtue of patience. Cinderella taught us about hard work.

Intentional or not, these life lessons remain relatable over time, making classic Disney stories a staple in our lives as we go through these same experiences in our own lives.


2. The New & The Old

There’s no doubt that Disney is growing up with us. Many classic Disney tales are being remastered and re-released. Others are being updated into live-action films that remind us what we loved about the classic movies so much.

Our love of the old classics will not die because the new versions remind us about what we enjoyed most – the originals!

3. All That Adorable Merchandise

It’s hard to say goodbye to classic Disney when stunning merchandise appears left and right to rekindle our love. From cute watches to Disney-inspired clothing, Disney merchandise is everywhere.

When it’s time to give a gift, a The World of Miss Mindy Presents Disney figurines are the way to go for any classic Disney fan in your life. These figures revive old tales with new life in beautiful, colourful sculpture form.

Girl dressed up as Disney princess

4. We Can Share It

The nice thing about classic Disney tales is that everyone, young and old, can enjoy watching it together. If you want to watch a movie with kids, parents, aunts, and even grandparents, a great film to put on is a classic Disney flick like Cinderella.

While newer Disney movies are great for all ages, they don’t yet play on the sentimentality and nostalgia enough for older generations to truly enjoy them.

5. A Simple Escape

Classic Disney tales are, in their most basic form, very simple escapism. Stories are princesses and princes ripped apart by unfortunate circumstance allow us to live in a world of fairy tales.

New Disney still revolves around royalty in many cases, but often, they take on a more serious approach to humanity and its flaws. While, importantly, sometimes you just want to escape back to the simplicity of classic Disney!

6. Nostalgia

The main reason that we all still love classic Disney so much is nostalgia. Whether you were a child who grew up with classic flicks or you raised a child who loved to watch them, the classic Disney movies have been around long enough that they create a sense of nostalgia when we watch them again.

I may have to grow up, but I can still be a kid when I watch Peter Pan!

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  1. Elize Swanepoel

    Oh yes, we also grew up with Disney. Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Pinnochio, Bambi to name a few…

    I get that feel-good-feeling when I hear the word Disney.

    Merchandise is such a big thing today. I find myself buying the Marvel merchandise even though JD is too small to appreciate super heroes and Marvel programs yet.

    They have the cutest Marvel sandals and clothing at Jet stores.

    I mostly buy the spiderman & superman T-shirts.

    My favourite Disney merchandise for JD is of course Winnie the Pooh characters and Mickey Mouse.

    I may be a grown up but I enjoy Disney movies just as much as every other kid. 🙂

  2. Betsie Labuschagne

    I have recently started to watch the Disney channel and wow!, they have got amazing series now for kids. My daughter love to watch a few of them

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