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The Perfect Present To Commemorate A Birth

To celebrate the safe arrival of a new baby, gifts are often bestowed on the new mother by the father to make them feel special. Some new mothers receive flowers, but many receive a small piece of jewellery to be worn as a reminder of the joyous occasion. 

Often referred to as a ‘push present’ or ‘baby bauble’, this tradition is said to have originated in India. The new mother is showered with gifts in a ritual call Godh Bharaj where she is blessed with the joys of motherhood. The mother is showered with jewellery and gifts and is presented with a feast of fruits and sweets.

The Perfect Present To Commemorate A Birth

With Mother’s Day around the corner, Sterns has put together a selection of gifts to show how much love and support the parents have for each other or other family members. you’re looking for more gifting inspiration, shop our gift guide here    

The gift of time is more important than ever for new mothers, so Sterns has curated the perfect Tempo Watch and Bracelet 2-Piece Sets in a gold tone featuring crystals. With delicate bangle inspired watch straps, the set can be worn together on one wrist or separately. The bracelets boast a crystal inset feature to add just the right amount of sparkle and shine.

Sterns features a selection of stud earrings that can be worn every day as a thoughtful reminder every time she glances in the mirror. The 9ct Yellow Gold Puffy Heart Stud Earrings are delicate symbols of her heart of gold. However, should she like to add some shine, the 9ct Yellow Gold & Silver Cubic Zirconia Halo stud earrings and 9ct Yellow Gold & Silver Cubic Zirconia Star shape stud earrings are the perfect addition to her accessory collection.

For the new mother with an affinity for necklaces, the Sterling Silver Double Hearts Pendant on a chain will be a delight. It’s a precious token to celebrate her motherhood journey and the milestones and special moments ahead. 

When Queen Elizabeth gave birth to Prince Charles, Prince Philip gave her a bouquet of roses and Champagne. Thankfully times have changed and with Sterns selection of gifts, new parents can celebrate with sentimental gifts of beauty, that will last a lifetime.


About Sterns

Since 1896, we’ve provided our customers with gifting solutions to celebrate important milestones in their lives. With over 125 years of experience, we assure trust and quality with every piece.

At Sterns we abide by the Kimberley process offering only conflict free and ethically sourced diamonds. We are also proud members of the Jewellery council of South Africa, all because we know that your diamond’s journey is as important to you as its sparkle.

Sterns offers you timeless, authentic symbols of sentiment for your most meaningful occasions, so that you can share the journey with the people you love most. It’s about sharing the joy with those closest to you.

Sterns is part of TFG.

Emerald ring

DESCRIPTIONSterling Silver Diamond & Created Emerald Cushion Forrest Women’s Ring

SKU:  36537652

PRICE: R 2,699.00

Emerald pendant

DESCRIPTION: Sterling Silver Diamond & Created Emerald Cushion Forrest Women’s Pendant

SKU: 36537662

PRICE: R 2,699.00

Emerald earrings

DESCRIPTIONSterling Silver Diamond & Created Emerald Cushion Forrest Women’s Stud Earrings

SKU:  36537661

PRICE: R 2,699.00

Heart pendant

DESCRIPTION: Sterling Silver Double Hearts Pendant On Chain

SKU: 36427703

PRICE: R 799.00

Zirconia studs

DESCRIPTION: 9ct Yellow Gold 10% & Silver Cubic Zirconia halo stud earrings

SKU: 36530666

PRICE: R 899.00

Star studs

DESCRIPTION: 9ct Yellow Gold 10% & Silver Cubic Zirconia star shape stud earrings

SKU: 36530668

PRICE: R 699.00

Heart studs

DESCRIPTION9ct Yellow Gold Puffy Heart Stud Earrings

SKU:  36502986

PRICE: R 599.00

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