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What To Pack In Your Hospital Bags Before Giving Birth

Pregnant woman packing hospital bags

Babies are hardly ever on time, that’s why it is advisable to pack your hospital bags in advance for when the time comes. You don’t want to scramble around at the last minute to get everything together and end up having your baby at home instead of the hospital. It is recommended that you have your bag packed and ready when you’re at about 36 weeks along.

What you need to pack in baby’s bag:

Helpful tips:

Organize clothing and items in plastic bags in baby’s hospital bag. This way you’ll know where every is plus it can protect clothing and nappies in case of liquids spilling.

If you have pets at home, take a spare blanket to the hospital and transfer you baby’s scent onto it so that your pets can start adapting to your new addition.

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What you need to pack in your bag:

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