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Six Natural Ways To Induce Labor

Many believe that when a baby is ready to come, they will arrive on their own terms. While this is true, if you are a week overdue, you can be very uncomfortable! Not to mention the fact that you are ready to meet the baby you have carried inside you for nine months. This is such an exciting time in your life that you can’t wait to meet your baby in person. Others may be faced with issues such as gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, or high blood pressure.

These issues will put baby in a risk zone as well as the mother. With that being said, sometimes inducing labor is needed. There are some really great natural ways to induce labor. These methods are perfect for anyone who is looking for safe ways to get labor started. Consider trying any one of these six natural ways to induce labor after consulting with your doctor or midwife.

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Six Natural Ways To Induce Labor


You may wish to exercise in order to induce labor naturally. Consider taking a long stroll to get your heart rate going. Dancing is another form of exercise that many moms turn to. Perhaps you may also like swimming or riding an exercise bike. Activity will help move the baby, but exercises that are relaxing, such as swimming, will give a one-two punch!

Exercise is perfect for anyone to do, and can really help baby decide if they are ready to enter the world. Your baby’s head will be moved down in the pelvis area, which will put pressure on the cervix. This will help dilation. A half an hour of exercise may be all it takes to assist with a quicker delivery. Squats are a great exercise to do as they
can help push baby downward. Only a few per day are needed to start labor naturally.

Have Sex

Being intimate with your partner can also help baby arrive faster. At nine months, many women are not in the mood for sex; however, this can make baby come sooner. Having sex can start uterine contractions as sperm will help to soften the uterus. Be aware that it is completely safe to have sex this late in pregnancy as long as the water has not broken. If the water is broken, the risk of infection is greater.

Spicy Food

One of the easiest natural ways to induce labor is to consume hot foods. Spicy foods are believed to contract the uterus as they irritate it in a gentle manner. Some great examples of foods to consume are chili with extra chili powder, tacos with lots of hot sauce or salsa, any foods with Sriracha, or recipes that contain jalapeno peppers.

If spicy foods are not your forte, you can always try foods that have oregano or basil on them. One food that comes to mind is pizza when these two spices are mentioned. Others have had success with eating Chinese foods.

Eat Pineapple

Pineapple is another food that induces labor naturally as it contains bromelain.

This enzyme helps to ripen the cervix, which can speed up labor. It has also been known to give stomach contractions. It should be noted that just eating pineapple on its own will not typically start labor unless large amounts of this fruit are eaten. If you cannot stomach the thought of eating fresh pineapple, you can substitute other tropical fruits that are full of bromelain, such as mango and papaya.Any of these fruits will help with the digestive tract, which is said to start labor faster.

Eat Dates

Eating dates during your third trimester can help induce labor naturally. In a recent study, it was founded that pregnant women who ate six dates per day for a month were more likely to have earlier contractions than those that opted not to eat the dates. Dates will make your contractions longer, which means higher dilation in the cervix. Eating too many dates can cause an upset stomach, so consume no more then six per day.

Red Raspberry Tea

Red raspberry tea is a wonderful and natural way to start labor. Both the pelvic wall and the uterus can be strengthened when this tea is ingested. Many also state that when this tea is consumed, the birth goes faster than if the tea has not been consumed. The tea is very easy to make. Simply boil one quart of filtered water, after that add 1 cup of red raspberry tea in a loose form. Simmer the tea for half an hour. Sip on this drink during the day to help start labor naturally.

The tea can be enjoyed hot or iced. This tea can also help aid in recovery after pregnancy. If raspberry tea is not your thing, you can also try thyme tea. Cotton Root tea can also be used in mothers who plan on nursing as not only will it stimulate contractions; it will also help produce more milk in the breasts.

Any of the above methods are worth a try if you are eager to meet your bundle of joy. Some will work better than others, and some are easier to tolerate then others. The most important thing to remember is the safety of your baby and yourself. If you do not feel comfortable trying a method, you should never do it. No matter how you feel about one of these natural ways to induce labor, it is always wise to consult your doctor prior to starting the regimen.

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