Ring Gender Test

Ring & Hair Gender Test

Try out the Ring & Hair Gender Test to check the gender of your baby.

Take your ring and attach it to one of your hairs. Hold the dangling ring over your tummy while lying down. If the ring swings in a strong circular motion it is a girl, if it moves in a to and fro motion it is a boy.

You can use thread instead of a hair and a needle instead of a ring. You can also dangle the ring/ needle over your wrist instead of your stomach.

I tried this when I was pregnant with my daughter and the ring went in circles, when I was pregnant with my son it first went in circles and then to and fro. The funny thing is when I was pregnant with my son I was told by the doctor it was a girl and then found out at a later scan it was a boy!

If you want to try and have a certain gender try out these fun ways to try and choose the gender of your baby.

Has anyone else tried this and what was the result?

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  1. I wanted to keep my baby’s gender as a surprise. I did the ring and hair trick but didn’t really knew how it works. 🙂

  2. I tried the ring and hair gender test as well as the rest of the old wives tales. Everything pointed out that I’m carrying a girl, but the moment when I found out that I’m expecting I knew in my heart that I’m going to give birth to a little girl.

    • All in the name of fun Nadia! I’m going to write a blog on trying different methods to get a specific gender. There are lots of supposed methods for choosing gender 🙂

  3. Wow i did not know this …… Well my baby days are over but I hope that people try this method

  4. Didnt know.
    Will try with the next baby.

  5. i heard about this but didnt try it but there is one i tried with urine and baking soda if there is no reaction its a girl if there is reaction its a boy so mine nearly came all over the glass and my hands so yes it indicate a boy and i had a boy….

  6. This is interesting I will try it also and see what I gets

    • Do i try this it’s gives me a boy at first time and I try again and it’s give a girl this is so confusing I rather wait until I go to the ultrasound

  7. Elize Swanepoel

    This is amazing. I wish I knew about these tricks when I was pregnant.

    I would have done this just for fun and it’s interesting to see if the results were accurate. 😉

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