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Preparing for birth – making a Birth Plan

Birth Plans

A birth plan refers to your preferences for your birth, both during labour and after the birth.

As any woman that has given birth will tell you, it doesn’t always go according to plan when giving birth. However it is still a good idea to give some thought into what your preferences are for your birth and for after the birth and have it written down for the big day. The reasons for this is that your birth partners and care givers can be aware of what you want. It won’t be easy trying to get that across to anyone in mid labour!

Here are some guidelines to making your birth plan:

Pain relief:

Learn about labour and the different options available for pain relief and coping with the pain. It is important for your care givers and birth partners to know what you think you would prefer, also bearing in mind that you might change your mind at the time so remember to be flexible and plan for things not going as planned!

Where & How You Give Birth:

Questions to ask your hospital or birthing centre:


An intervention is an action taken by a midwife or doctor that literally intervenes in the birthing process. If you’re healthy and your pregnancy and labour are normal, you may not need any intervention.Talk to your midwife or doctor about them while you’re pregnant.

Your Baby After Birth:

Your birth plan can be simple or you can get right down to details such as having certain music playing while you are in labour and having candles lit. It is important to find out what you can and can’t do at the place you would like to give birth and to relay any special requests.

Did you have a birth plan and did it all go according to plan?

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