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Preparing For Baby With Mom2B

Oh, the happiness of hearing about a longed-for pregnancy! And what fun preparing for the tiny arrival. Where will baby sleep? What baby equipment and cute clothes are needed? Don’t forget mom’s pregnancy wardrobe to cover that expanding tum… 

Meanwhile during all this activity and joy, little one is calmly doing his or her unseen baby work – growing and developing to meet the world on that important due date.

Preparing For Baby With Mom2B

To help baby and herself during this time of preparation, mom-to-be knows that it is important to eat nourishing food. But because she is the one doing the running around while baby is just a passenger, finding the time and energy isn’t easy. 

What helps is to stock the house with chicken, fish, salads, vegetables, fruits and high fibre foods like brown rice, chick peas or oats. These meet her need for smaller and more frequent meals and help her cope with typical tummy problems like nausea, constipation, and cravings. 

Mom2B Pregnancy ShakesMom2B® Pregnancy Shakes can go on the list as part of her pregnancy and breastfeeding preparation too. They are affordable and yummy meal supplements in chocolate, strawberry or vanilla flavours and can be taken once or twice a day, helping her to acquire important nutrients for herself and baby. Just add milk or water for a drink of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and an impressive nutritional content. No wonder Mom2B®  is South Africa’s number one pregnancy shake. (*Nielsen MAT Aug 2019)

Mom2B® Pregnancy Shakes, available from Takealot, selected pharmacies and retailers, cost around R144 for a 400g tin of 8 servings. 

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Win 1 of 2 Mom2B Hampers

WIN 1 of 2 Mom2B Hampers

Mom2B HamperWIN! Are you preparing to welcome your little baby, or perhaps organising a baby shower for family member or friend?

Enter and stand a chance of winning 1 of 2 Mom2B® hampers of 6 shakes, Nema the Mom2B® lamb, and a shaker bottle. Valued at over R1000!   

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This competition is open for residents of South Africa.

This competition is open for entries from 06 July – 09 August 2021 – the winner will be announced on our competitions page.

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  1. Thanks for this info! I would love to try these shakes 🙂

  2. Andrea McKenzie

    I want to win this so that I can give it to my friend who is pregnant for the first time! They are a wonderful couple and deserve it!

  3. I’d really love to win this maybe it’ll help me not to get sick always, I’m on my 1st trimester

  4. I would love to win this!!!

  5. I have tried the shake and love the energy it gives me. Will definitely continue to take them and recommend

  6. Hoping to win!

  7. Chido Unity Chidzuu

    I would love to continue having this Pregnancy Shake. I am expecting my new baby after 11 years of trying.

  8. I would really love to win this shake. As ive been gifted it before and it tastes great and has alot of great benefits. Especially with this high risk pregnancy I need all the boosters, vitamins and minerals I can get to ensure the health of this baby

  9. hi, i have tried this when i was pregnant with my daughter, its delicious and really awesome as a snack, I used it when i was out on the road.

  10. When I had my first kids, there weren’t any pregnancy shakes available. So this is super exciting, not only helps to ensure necessary nutrients daily, but will surely help on those days where you cannot stomach a meal.

  11. I would love to win this shake😊🙏

  12. Ntombizonke Hoyi

    I would like to win this hamper as I’m struggling to keep down anything ,I’m on 1st trimester and I think my baby needs more vitamins at this time.

  13. This is an amazing opportunity because some of mother’s do really need this hampers , thank you so much

  14. Prior pregnancy I’ve been a fitness lover and great enjoyed fitness shakes. When w found out I’m an expecting mom I was nervous with coping on starting on new eating plans especially to ensure nutrition for me n my little one. The day I laid my eyes across this pregnancy shake, me and my 6 year old were extremely excited, I’ve just gotten lucky because I saw it early in my pregnancy. Iv since never missed a shake a day with this product. The taste is delicious, the price is very good and affordable for all moms. I’m excited to have found out from my gaena that it’s perfectly safe and advisable even after giving birth. I advice moms to use this, it’s good nutrition, easy to prepare, perfect anytime and a great way to deal with nausea. I’m proud to say it’s a product thats already in my hospital bag list, will also have it in my breastfeeding journey I’m enjoying every moment of this journey. ♥️♥️Happy expecting mom❤️❤️

  15. I’m a third time mom, breastfeeding, working 2 jobs to make ends meet, and life is very busy at the moment. There are many days I forget to make lunch and am starving, losing weight, so I’d love to try these shakes to keep that nutrition up.

  16. I will love to win this maybe it will help me not to get sick like I do

  17. Mom2B Shakes really helped me get more nutrients and folic acid during my pregnancy. They taste like milkshake. Smooth and Frothy. Chocolate is my favourite.

  18. I’d love to win this as Mom2B shakes are amazing to regain all the necessary nutrients lists during breastfeeding and just being a mom to a new born. It’s a quick and convenient alternative for busy moms.

  19. I tried the shake during my first trimester and it was amazing. I was so nauseous that it was the only thing I could drink as I couldn’t take in food and the chocolate flavour is delicious

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