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Pregnancy Education Week: How To Have A Healthy Pregnancy After A Miscarriage

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, also known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have this week announced that they are expecting their second child, with the pair sharing a candid black and white picture of the Duchess’s baby bump. The announcement is likely to be a bitter-sweet moment for the pair as it comes only a few months after the Duchess revealed in an emotional letter that she lost her second child to a miscarriage.  

While the news makes global headlines, it is also significant given that it is shared during Pregnancy Education Week. Observed during 13 to 21 February in South Africa, it aims to emphasise important issues that promote a healthy pregnancy and safe motherhood 

“The Duke and Duchess are likely to feel some anxiety and grief around this pregnancy, together with excitement, given that the miscarriage not too long ago. She may also be seen as high risk given her age of 39, and the couple may likely feel they need to be extra cautious given these circumstances,” explains Dr Iqbal Karbanee, CEO of Paed-IQ Babyline, a trusted medical advice-based service for the first 1000 days of a child’s life, starting from conception to birth and beyond.  

He says that having a healthy pregnancy and baby after a miscarriage is very possible, but moms or moms-to-be would need to take extra care in dealing with the emotional trauma that comes with dealing with such an event, especially if they fall pregnant soon after the miscarriage.  

“This is because grief that is not felt or experienced fully may show up in other forms like depression, which may impact the health of one’s current pregnancy, especially if the mom is not eating properly or staying hydrated,” says Dr Karbanee. “Sadness, anxiety or guilt are all normal feelings that should not be suppressed. Don’t rush the grieving process.”  

He adds that after a miscarriage, many women may blame themselves to some degree. “This is unfortunate and adds to overall stress and anxiety. Moms should focus on ensuring they have optimal emotional health.  

According to the Mayo Clinic, most women who miscarry go on to have healthy pregnancies after miscarriage. A small number of women 1% will have repeated miscarriages. The predicted risk of miscarriage in a future pregnancy remains about 20% after one miscarriage. 

Dr Karbanee says that physical health is also key, and it is very important to allow the body to physically heal and strengthen after a miscarriage. 

“If you are pregnant soon after your first miscarriage, a healthy lifestyle is critical. This requires moderate exercise, avoiding alcohol and smoking, and a healthy diet. Moms should ensure they are on a healthy diet and are getting enough Iron and multivitamins, specifically Vitamin B Complex vitamins, to ensure health is optimal,” says Karbanee.  

He also says that being in good physical condition helps reduce fatigue. 

“Moms should remember that adequate rest is a very important part of health. 

“Lastly, in families where the first child is still young and requiring attention, this increases the need for both partners to help each other as much as possible,” concludes Karbanee.  

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  1. Enlightened by the info on post. Being cautious in thw first trimester is so important..
    Thank u for this info

    • My deeest condolencesand congratulations to the the couple, i have axperianced a MC And a etopic i also have a 3 year old in the 9 years of trying n to give hope, im expecting my raimbow baby too, so never stop beleaving

  2. Thank you.Something so many women go through and not many speak of.I had my miscarriage at 4weeks pregnant, 4 yrs before I conceived my eldest son and I only revealed my 2nd pregnancy after my 1st trimester…

  3. Thank you. What a useful information ♥️

  4. Carike Karen Pienaar

    Thanks for this information. Great topic!

  5. I wish I could’ve ran past this article earlier. After 2 miscarriages I was really worried being pregnant again. This pregnancy has move way further along than the first and although I am high risk because of the miscarriages and high blood pressure, I cant wait to meet my lil sweet rainbow baby

  6. This is insightful. We need to be educated in such topics because they impact our lives greatly.

  7. Thank you for this info. I was so scared to announce my pregnancy after having a miscarriage at 12 weeks.
    I’m now 7 months and still haven’t announced it to everyone that knows me (lockdown works in my favor in this case)
    Scared but excited to meet my little one.

    • Congrats on your pregnancy Mishqah and I am so sorry for your loss. I had a miscarriage in 2018 and it such a traumatic and devastating thing to go through. I wish you a smooth ride for the rest of your pregnancy and an easy birth <3

  8. As a mom with server PCOS and who had several miscarriages, this article is very true. In order to fall pregnant again, you need to get as much rest as possible and look after your body and overall health. I know as working moms sleep is a luxury ,and in today’s economy we simply can’t afford to be at home. I’m always cleaning and doing laundry at all hours of the night and making sure everyone’s clothes are ready for the next day and that lunches are packed. It’s just never ending, but if you feel you are ready for the next child, you simply just have to put yourself first. I learned that the hard way unfortunately.

  9. Danielle Roberson

    Haven’t miscarried, I actually am struggling to conceive for 4years now, Dr’s can’t see whats the problem. I do have a friend struggling since she lost her baby after 3 months. Was a rough time. Thanks for the article enlightening.

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