Natural Childbirth and Labour Tips Without Epidural + What I Wish I’d Known

Julie shares 5 things she wishes she had known about labour and birth before she went into labor and I love these solid tips she shares. These things need to be spoken about right?

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  1. Am not able to see the rest of the post

  2. Think there is an error as the post is incomplete and no video

  3. Oh oky ladies i see what you mean @lynne the video is not uploaded or its a erro can you just have a look at this post. Thank you.

  4. Watching this i wont be able to have natural birth as i had a c-section recommended by the dr in examination as he said there is no space for baby to come out so it would not change even having a second ill have c-section so ill always just wonder and read tips advice and moms natural experiance with normal labor.

  5. Thank you @lynne

  6. Eish here we go again this is not a child play this video just remaind me that soon I will be facing that

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