Is Med-Lemon safe for pregnancy

Is Med-lemon Safe For Pregnancy and Breastfeeding?

Med-Lemon comes in a sachet of powder that you add to hot water and then drink to help relieve the symptoms of colds and flu. The ingredients in Med-Lemon are:

800mg Aspirin
50mg Caffeine
45 Ascorbic Acid
2,6mg Menthol
4254, 63mg Sucrose

Is Med-Lemon Safe for Breastfeeding and Pregnancy?

One of my personal favorite remedies for colds and flu is Med-lemon. It is an amazing medication that always gives me almost immediate relief from the symptoms of colds and flu, however when I was pregnant I wasn’t sure whether to take it or not. I did my own research while I was pregnant and decided to give Med-lemon a skip while I was pregnant and breastfeeding, choosing instead to go for natural remedies for colds and flu.

Being a drug addict and an alcoholic I am quite used to being very limited to the medications I can safely take due to the fact that so many medications have addictive substances in them. Med-Lemon is safe for me to take as an addict and an alcoholic since it has no addictive ingredients in it.

Being pregnant of course I had to be extra cautious and found that I was even more limited than before.

I’ve now seen many moms asking about the safety aspect of taking Med-lemon while pregnant. If you check the Med-lemon website you will see that they state that the safety has not been established for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

However Med-Lemon contains 800mg of aspirin and  aspirin which is recommended while breastfeeding.

While low dose aspirin during pregnancy (up to 300mg daily)  does not appear to carry any risk standard dose aspirin (325mg – 4g daily) during pregnancy is not recommended, especially during the first and third trimesters.

What I used instead when I got ill with flu while I was pregnant and also when I was breastfeeding was ginger, lemon and honey tea. Completely safe and quite effective too!



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  1. Panado Medsip sachet every 4-6 hours. Vitamin C: 1000mg daily. Drink a mixture of honey and lemon heated in a microwave to alleviate coughs.

  2. When my baby was 3 weeks old, I was terribly sick. I really thought I was going to die. Al the natural remedies I tried did not work. After 30 hours of absolutely no sleep and feeding my baby every 3 hours, I took the chance of taking Med Lemon. I was able to sleep for the first time! This was an absolute last resort. I got better using other natural meds and remedies. It did not affect my baby, but I think overuse could have.

  3. I remember having a serious case of cold while I was expecting and I went to the clinic. The nurses advised me not to take anything other than a mixture of warm water, lemon and honey. I took long to recover . I was scared to try anything. I think this would help next time

  4. Pity – Med lemon really does the job real quick and lets me get some sleep. i can feel myslef comign down with a cold right now so I’ve started on natural remedies before I need to medicate heavily. Also makign sure to breastfeed plenty so baba can get all the antibodies!

  5. Natural remedies takes such a long time to have an effect on your body and it never seems to help me. If i have a sore throat i will usually just take anti-bacterial spray for the throat, which i don’t swallow. Didn’t realise that med lemon has so many “harmful”ingredients. I know the aspirin dosage is quite low but any aspirin in my opinion should be avoided! Rather safe than sorry. When you are expecting your body is more sensitive to medications and a slight overuse could harm the baby. I know the doctor will normally say that the only thing one can use is Panado but i will rather endure than take anything. It’s a good thing to keep your diet healthy. When we are nearing the winter season, stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables, especially those containing vitamin C. Your body has its own antibodies that will eventually fight off colds and flu’s. I tried it once not to take any medications for my flu and it took just as long for me to recover with or without antibiotics and the medications that usually goes with having the flu eg. Med lemons. I was just more uncomfortable and more in pain without medication but the time to recover was exactly the same. Plus minus 10 days.

  6. I heard that only Panado is safe to take during pregnancy. I doubt that the caffeine content and aspirin in Med Lemon is very good during pregnancy. Also, vitamin C in very large quantities taken the first trimester can actually cause miscarriage.

  7. My gynecologist recommended Panado Medi Sip during pregnancy and breastfeeding. That worked a charm!

    My medical bag is also usually stocked with MedLemon. I usually skip using any other form of medication as MedLemon clears up my symptoms speedily. (I kinda like the taste too)

    • Med Lemon is one of the best cold and flu medication that can be used. It has worked every time for my husband and myself.

  8. I love Med lemon because it is effective and it works really fast.

    Whenever I feel that I’m coming down with something, I immediately take a med lemon together with a flu mix from the pharmacy. And I use Vicks vaporub.

    When I was pregnant and in my third trimester I was so annoyed with someone that works at the company downstairs from us. She used to sit here during her lunchtime. I didn’t mind because I encouraged it.
    But she knew she was sick and didn’t stay away for a few days until she got better. I got the flu from her and at this late stage in my pregnancy there was very little remedies that I could consider that would work fast and effectively.

    The pharmacist advised against taking med lemon or the Panado sachets because safety has not been established (reason you mentioned in the article).

    If you’re unsure about something, rather leave it because you don’t want to cause any complications unknowingly.

    My favorite Med lemon flavor is the cherry flavor. 🙂

  9. Thank you you @Lynne for this article. I also never used med lemon during my pregnancies up until know also I just use home remedies for cold and flu for my hole family and it works

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