How To Snap Back Post Pregnancy

If you’ve ever had a baby, or know someone who has had a baby, then you know about the changes your body goes through after childbirth. From the infamous “pouch” to the adult diapers you have to wear after giving birth (depending on the type of delivery you had)… there’s nothing that can ever really prepare you for the aftershocks of life after having a baby.

One of the major (and obvious) changes your body goes through after having a baby is the baby weight. And the thing about baby weight is that there’s no escaping it really… you’re going to gain weight, and it’s most noticeable in your belly.

How To Snap Back Post Pregnancy

Post Pregnancy 101: Be Realistic

If you walk into a grocery store or convenience store, you’re going to see magazines with celebrities sporting their post-baby bodies. You may look at them and wonder how they did it, and how they did it so fast!

In the real world, new moms typically have full-time jobs they have to go back to as well as other children to take care of without the help of live-in nannies. A lot of celebrities have resources like private chefs, personal trainers, crazy diets, and nannies that help them post-pregnancy… most moms don’t have those types of resources.

Instead, moms in the real world have to suffer through embarrassing questions like “when are you due?” and “are you pregnant?” It’s questions like those that are literally a punch in the gut to moms after childbirth. The thing to remember with instances like this is that it’s temporary and there are things you can do to get your body back after childbirth.

Snap Back… What’s That?

Typically, when you hear the term “snap back” used, it’s referring to your body. But snapping back can actually mean different things to different people. Snapping back is actually a term that can be used in any form to describe a way of getting back to your former self whether it be with your body, your job, or your mindset.

If you used to be thin before having your baby, then you can “snap” your body back. If you were working as a marketing executive before you had your baby, and now it’s almost time for you to return back to work… you can begin the process of “snapping” back into work mode.

However you choose to look at it, “snapping back” is what you make it and what you need it to be. We’re going to take a look at different ways to “snap back” after having your baby.

New mom kissing baby

Snapping Back Mentally: Give Yourself a Break

Ok, so you’ve had a tiny little person in your belly for 9 months. If you’ve had this little person in your body that long, that means you’ve had that long to gain weight… you should give yourself that same token in losing that baby weight. At least 9 months, but it typically takes women longer to do it, and that’s okay.

As a new mom, you get so critical of yourself wondering if you’re doing things right, among several other things but cut yourself some slack. There’s a lot going on; you’re trying to get adjusted to this new life, you may be breastfeeding, endured labor and delivery… don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re not “snapping back” as quickly as you had hoped to.

Snapping Back Physically: Keep an Open Mind and Move Around

After having a baby, most moms are so sleep deprived that exercise is the last thing on their minds and understandably so. After childbirth, a mother should wait at least 6 weeks before exercising and wait even longer if the delivery method was C-section.

A great, low-impact start would be to go for walks around your neighborhood, the park, or on a treadmill. With these walks, you can bring baby along with you in a stroller! One thing that’s becoming popular with new mommies, post-baby, is body sculpting.

Now, this is when you need to keep that open mind. Just because the word “procedure” is used doesn’t mean that there will be plastic surgery. The procedure is actually non-invasive and is backed up by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, if you are open to a different and just as effective method to enhance your “snap back” physically, then keep an open mind to this option.

Snapping Back Emotionally: Surround Yourself With Family, Friends, and Other Moms

After childbirth, it’s not uncommon for new mothers to experience the “baby blues,” otherwise known as postpartum depression. According to the American Psychological Association, 1 in 7 women experiences postpartum depression after having their baby. Postpartum depression is extreme sadness, loneliness, stress, and anxiety.

This condition is when you need your friends and family the most. Getting in touch with other moms who have experienced the same is also very helpful. Now not every mother experiences postpartum the same but it still helps to talk to others about it.

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