Early Signs of Labour

3 Early Signs of Labour

If you think you’re in labour but not sure, check these early signs of labour:

  1. Water breaking
  2. A brown or pink mucus discharge known as bloody show which is the mucus plug that blocks the cervix
  3. Painful contractions that are regular and intervals are becoming increasingly shorter while contractions become longer and more intense

Remember each woman’s labour is different and the above signs can be a sign that labour is starting, or it could still be a few days away. These are all changes that take place in pre-labour, early labour and/ or active labour.

If your waters break contact your care-giver immediately!

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What was your first sign of labour?

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  1. ferreira.lauren

    With my first, I woke up at 5am thinking I’d wet the bed, only to realise my waters had broke and it was gushing out!
    With my second baby I saw my mucus show on the tuesday (so I was a little prepared) and then my waters broke on the friday, but it was just a trickle, so I wasn’t sure until they confirmed it at the hospital! πŸ™‚

  2. My water never broke with my first 2. But with my 3rd one it broke and she was almost born in my bed…

  3. I had a c-section because of medical reasons but i must admit i was so scared for giving natural vaginal birth but today i regret it in a way…
    I have a 0% pain tolerance so i think either way it sore and freakin painful.

    Vaginal birth its painful before baby comes and c-section after baby is born.

  4. When i found out i was pregnany i was afraid of the signs of labour i was worried will i be in time for hospital will i make it there when will it start but then eventually i got told c-section will get done so you get a date on which baby will get born its less stressfull as u know when u go in but still not what to expect.

  5. More discharge and little by little pains at the back.

  6. My water never broke I get construction that’s comes and goes that’s when I know that it’s almost time and I go to the hospital

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