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10 Ways to Avoid Accidental Natural Abortion or Miscarriage

There are many ways to avoid natural abortion or miscarriage. Sometimes a natural abortion or miscarriage cannot be avoided if there genetic defects or other circumstances in your body, perhaps hormonal imbalances that are not conducive to a baby being able to implant and grow in the uterus. Local clinics have professionals who can advise you about specifics for your situation and health history. However, here are some key factors that you can impact to actually carry the pregnancy to full term and avoid abortion.

Ways To Avoid Accidental Natural Abortion or Miscarriage

  1. Basic Hygiene

This includes washing hands when you come home from shopping or when you meet people or if you’ve been around sick people of course, before preparing or eating food and after using the restroom, avoid hospitals at all costs and keep your home and car clean so that germs are less likely to be around. Another element of basic hygiene is cooking meat thoroughly.

  1. Eating a nutritious diet

Focusing on adding leafy green vegetables to your diet and other colored vegetables is very important and will make a big impact on your ability to carry a baby to term high quality proteins such as wild caught fish and eggs. Go for pastured eggs instead of the cheapest eggs on the shelf.

Try to reduce your reliance on carbohydrates, particularly sugar and other processed foods. Stick to organic produce and other foods if you can afford it.

  1. Blood Sugar Control

For many people, controlling your blood sugar is the most beneficial thing that you can do for the health of your mind and body. This will automatically help your body get back into balance. Your hormonal systems will restore themselves and your weight will come under better control. You will also be less moody and able to focus better on everything that you do and the day which is an overall life benefit, not just a benefit for pregnancy, prenatal vitamins, number three, prenatal vitamins, other supplements, so you want to focus on prenatal vitamins that are specifically for pregnant women.

  1. Prenatal Vitamins

It’s never too early to start on a prenatal vitamin. If you’re planning to get pregnant or want to get pregnant, it’s going to help your body have the full like acid that it needs for healthy fetal development. Now, other supplements, even seemingly harmless ones, can interfere with the body’s ability to carry a baby, especially in the beginning. Number five is exercise.

  1. Moderate Exercise

Moderate exercise is good and helpful for your body. It keeps fluids moving, it keeps muscles moving. It keeps your body systems overall more balanced. However, extreme and intense exercise, especially over longer periods, constrain your systems and pull too many resources away from your, your uterus and reproductive system that is trying to grow a baby, so put those triathlon goals on hold for now.

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  1. Weight Management

This can happen as a result of paying attention to the items above.  If you are eating a more nutritious diet, focusing on keeping your blood sugar down, taking a prenatal vitamin and exercising in a moderate way, then weight management is going to be a natural result of those activities. However, it it can be valuable to pay attention to your weight, especially if you’re overweight. Obesity indicates that some of your hormones are going to be in a way that is not conducive to carrying a baby that could cause a natural abortion.

  1. Limit or Remove Caffeine

Another important thing to pay attention to is limiting caffeine- specifically in coffee, tea, and chocolate. If not avoiding caffeine and other herbal teas all together, try and stick to water. Giving your body more filtered quality water is going to be the be the best thing that you can do for your body. Stimulants and other elements in herbal teas can change your blood chemistry. They can dehydrate you and they aren’t going to facilitate keeping a high risk pregnancy.

  1. Avoid Drugs, Smoking, and Alcohol

You may have heard this recommendation before. Avoid smoking, drugs and alcohol. This is, this is a basic thing. It puts an extra load on your systems and you’re adding poisons and toxins into your body. Not only are they poisons and toxins, they have other effects, unintended effects. The drug companies like to call them side effects, however, they are effects on your body whether they’re prescribed to drugs or street drugs. They’re the same thing.

If you want to be able to carry a pregnancy, you need to build your health foundationally and not bandaid things with drugs, so pay attention to the points above related to diet, blood sugar control and exercise. Those things will help you get off some of the medications that you may be on right now. Also, things like sleep aid drugs are things that can be removed from your life and instead replaced by other healthy habits.

  1. Acupuncture treatments

The next item is acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture treatments can enhance your fertility. It can fortify the systems of your body and improve your body’s overall operation as well as increase your feeling of well-being.

  1. Reduce Stress Levels

The last thing that is very important is reducing stress. There’s a lot of everyday stress that comes into our lives and it has a toll on the body. It changes our hormonal responses and those hormones affect how your baby grows and develops. So some of the ways to reduce stress are finding ways to improve your relationships. This may even include going to relationship counseling.

Another way to reduce stress is to find ways to reduce your spending. Paying attention to your finances can make a big impact on your stress levels. Other things include looking for ways to add joy into your everyday life. This may be smiling more, maybe smiling when you wake up intentionally.

There are also many studies show that keeping a gratitude journal and being thankful for things on a daily basis can significantly reduce your stress levels and improve your happiness in life.

All of these suggestions are practical ways that you can avoid natural abortion and carry a baby to term. If you were having trouble with fertility and perhaps you’ve had other miscarriages or abortions in the past, then also consult with your physician to find out if there are specific recommendations that they would make for your particular body.

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