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Popular Names In Denmark

If you are a future parent and are thinking of giving your child a Scandinavian name, we only have a list for you. But be prepared for a few surprises.

Sophia and William are Danes’ favorite children’s names … again.

William is the most popular name registered for newborn boys in Denmark for the seventh consecutive year, while Sofia ranks first among newborn girls after returning to second place in 2014.

Last year, nineteen out of 1,000 baby girls in Denmark were named Sofia. New entries in the list of the 50 most popular names were Gry (Danish equivalent of Dawn) and Silje.

Freya, the name of the girl who took second place, was the most popular in South and North Jutland, but Sofia’s popularity in the capital led to her taking first place as a whole. Read more:

Jumping from number 50 to number 26 on the list, Lily became the name that made the biggest jump in popularity.

For boys, William continued to dominate, naming this name 19 out of 1,000 children, making him the most popular for the seventh consecutive year.

Names such as Viggo and Silas, as well as the traditionally Norwegian name Thor, first appeared in the top 50 of Statistics Denmark.

More common names, such as Andreas, Nikolai, and Jonas, generally disappeared from the top 50.

Future parents hoping for inspiration for the list will find that the top 20 of both lists contain a mixture of typical Danish names (Sophie, Christian, Magnus), popular modern choices (Olivia, Alma, Oscar) and names that sound rather old-fashioned for English ears than for Danish (Agnes, Alfred).

There are also options for those who like the brave, provocative, cunning Danish pronunciation (Maja, Villads, and Malthe).

Top 20 names for Danish girls:

  1.   Sofia
  2.   Freya
  3.   Ella
  4.   Alma
  5.   Anna
  6.   Emma
  7.   Laura
  8.   Clara
  9.   Ida
  10.   Isabel
  11.   Karla
  12.   Maja
  13.   Victoria
  14.   Alberte
  15.   Josefine
  16.   Sofie
  17.   Agnes
  18.   Liva
  19.   Olivia
  20.   Caroline

Top 20 names for Danish boys:

  1.   William
  2.   Noah
  3.   Lucas
  4.   Emil
  5.   Oliver
  6.   Oscar
  7.   Victor
  8.   Malthe
  9.   Alfred
  10.   Redneck
  11.   Frederik
  12.   Elias
  13.   Magnus
  14.   Valdemar
  15.   Villads
  16.   Alexander
  17.   Christian
  18.   August
  19.   Johan
  20.   Felix

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