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Pixie and Fairy Village Jacobs Bay – What A Treat!

I’ve been living in the West Coast for close on 7 years now and only recently found out from another mother that there is a Pixie and Fairy Village in Jacobs Bay. I couldn’t believe it since my daughter is obsessed with fairies. When I looked it up online I found that it is situated at the Jacobs Bay Backpackers. Another whopper of a surprise since my sister stayed in that backpackers about 2 years ago and we went there for a braai (barbecue). I did not see any signs of a Pixie and Fairy Village at the time, although we were there when it was dark so I do have an excuse.

Pixie and Fairy Village Jacobs Bay


When I told my daughter that we were going to kick off the first day of the June/ July school holidays with a visit to the Pixie and Fairy Village in Jacobs Bay she was over the moon. I called my friend Lisa to tell her about it in the hopes that we we could finally hook up after not seeing each other for about a year! She had never heard of it either and agreed to meet up with me and my kids. She brought her tween daughter, her 5 year old son and her mom.

So here’s the thing – I had very low expectations of the Pixie and Fairy Village. I expected to see one or two little fairies and maybe a little castle… and then we would stare at it for a little while before heading off somewhere for lunch and a catch up.

Upon arrival my kids and I waited a bit for my friend to arrive and while we were waiting a lovely lady saw my kids and came bounding over to them. She introduced herself as Mama Pixie and started asking my kids questions. She then went off to the reception area and came charging back to gift my daughter with a fairy dust necklace and my son with a fairy wand.

Fairy dust

The morning was already turning out more exciting than expected!

When Lisa and her family arrived we headed straight into the Pixie and Fairy Village and upon opening the door we were all gobsmacked. It was incredible! We had suddenly entered a completely magical kingdom and it wasn’t just our kids that had an amazing time.

I couldn’t stop exploring and each time I looked I saw something new. So much attention to detail and the love and care that has gone into creating this village is obvious to see.

There are water features, complete with real gold fish, around the village, setting the scene. Stunning castles with fairy princesses and tiny little homes with pixies and other creatures living there. Vines and plants hanging create the perfect fantasy environment.

I can’t even describe how amazing and mesmerizing the scene was, thankfully I took my phone with and took loads of photos and videos!

The fairy village is open Monday – Sunday from 8am – 6pm. If you live in the West Coast and you haven’t been yet then I really recommend that you head that way. It is only R20 per child over 4 years old and R30 per adult. Kids under 4 go free.

To Mama Pixie – thank you for an amazing morning and thank you for treating my kids, you are truly a lovely soul.

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  1. Elize Swanepoel

    Wow, this place is amazing!

    I wish we were a little closer, then I could have taken JD.

    I’m sure he would be mesmerized with all the little characters. I’m glad that you shared a video so that we can have a peek. I can see they went through a lot of trouble and effort when they created the place. So much detail and decor to make it the perfect fairy realm. 🙂

    This reminded me of a small little shop in Natal somewhere that my best friend and I visited years ago. This shop specialized in miniature fantasy creatures. They had loads of fairies, wizards and other creatures. I remember buying a hanging ornament fairy sitting on a half moon, a fairy standing next to a unicorn, a tiny tiny little frog with a crown on his head and a wizard. I wish I could show you this shop. What makes it so special is that all the items were miniature and perfect.

    I have a great love for fairies and also miniature everything. I love collecting anything miniature. When my Mom moved to my brother’s after my Dad’s passing I asked her if I could have her miniature copper collection to hang onto.

    Maybe I’m a kid trapped in an adult body because I love all things fantasy. I have a fantasy album on my Pinterest account, Facebook account and a Facebook page that my cousin and I are managing.

    I think I’d probably enjoy a visit to the pixie and fairy village the most.

  2. This is a great idea.. i was thinking what to do for my daughters birthday and this is a great option

  3. What a gem of a place! Thank you very much for sharing. I’ve been looking for new places to take the kids and this is so cost effective. Thank you for sharing!✨

  4. Good Day, Could you please let me know if you are open Saturday 11 Dec 2021. Also what your entry fee is. Could you please list activities you have for day visits

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