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What Features to Find in a Pet-friendly Apartment

Changing home every now and then is not feasible just because you’re not satisfied with the facilities. And that’s why you need to make sure the apartment you’re going to buy or rent takes care of all your wants and needs. It’s all about the priorities and choices. For example, some of you might prefer the apartment on the ground floor to stay into close proximity to the outdoors, and some choose an upstairs apartment for peace and less noise.

Not all that markets well are perfect for you. You actually need to look at all the features of an apartment before you move in. Well, a pet-friendly apartment is a general term. You’ll see a lot of pet-friendly apartment advertisements and you might not get what you want in those. One really needs to know what actually are the features of the pet-friendly apartment.

I have made a list of main factors to consider. These are the must-have features in a pet-friendly apartment and if you mind missing any of this in an apartment, your pet might not love his new home.

What Features To Find In A Pet Friendly Apartment

Flooring Needs To Be Perfect

Choosing the right flooring concerns both, a pet owner and the pet. The choice is crucial because flooring should look nice and also should be pet-friendly. Let’s see what pet-friendly floor is.

Dogs tend to push the bowl, put their food in mouth and spread it on the floor. You’re really lucky if your cat doesn’t knock down an almost empty cup (looks totally empty to my cat) and stain the floor. Many dogs have a habit of chewing and scratching on the floor.

Ideal pet-friendly flooring has these four qualities: Pet comfort, Resistance to scratches, Resistance to wear, and Pet traction.

Pets don’t always rest or sit in their bed, the floor should be comfortable for them. Dogs and cats have a habit of digging. They will naturally do these and to avoid the wear, and hence the floor should be scratch and wear resistant.

Cats can tract unhygienic litter particles with them after using their litter box if the flooring has less traction capacity. A flooring with carpet can do the job but you need to vacuum clean it every day.

Make sure the apartment you’re looking for has a proper flooring for your pets as well.

Enough Room for Zoomies

You must have heard the term ‘Zommie’. If not, I bet you know what actually it is. When your pooch starts zooming around in the circles for no reason at any time of the day, commonly in the night.

This requires enough space. Your dog might not like the tiny free space for that. Let him drain some energy off by zooming around. Don’t let the area of the room mislead you as the space occupied by furniture won’t count.

Dog-Friendly Surroundings

Cats are supposed to stay in the apartment and can sit in the balcony to enjoy their spy activities. But dogs need to go out for a walk. They cannot stay at home for the whole day. Your preference should be the apartment with a park or walking trail which allows pets.

Driving your dogs to the nearby park is not a good option. If you’re making a commitment to your doggie to take him to a walk every day, remember how much tough it is to take some time from your hectic schedule every day.

Moreover, if you’ve hired a dog-walker you will have to pay him extra to drive your pooch to the park. So, look for an apartment which has a dog-friendly surrounding.

Cat on windowsill

An Entertaining Outside View

Cats love to observe nature! And you never know what they keep looking sitting near the window? Sometimes I wonder whether she is spying on someone or just looking at the squirrels, falling leaves, people passing by or children playing outside.

Well, a window which does not have an entertaining view is not for cats. So, there should be at least a window which has a nice, entertaining, natural outside view. You can put a cat bed beside the window where cats can sit and watch the life moving around them.

Clara Lou, who heads, says, cats won’t always stay beside the window if provided with a fine seat or a bed. It’s just they sometimes get bored of their masters and try to make their evil plan to kill the squirrels and birds chirping near the window enjoying the cold breeze of air.

Dogs are not as much keen as cats are to look outside of the windows. However, the outside view shouldn’t be such that always makes your dog bark and get anxious. So, the natural outside view will be a plus point if you’re a dog parent.

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