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How To Choose The Right Dog Breed For Your Family?

Choosing the right breed of dog is not an easy job and it should not be taken lightly. It is a serious matter and the whole family would try and get involved in it if possible. There are many factors which one should take into account. Since there are many breeds and within breeds, there could be many sub-breeds, the onus lies on us to choose the right answer to the question what dog breed is best for you. It does not matter whether you are planning to adopt a dog from an animal shelter, or from a breeder or planning to adopt a rescued dog. Unless you decide on what is suitable for you like a pet dog, it would not be advisable for you to move forward in the matter.

Your Family Size And Composition

This is one of the most important factors that you must bear in mind when it comes to choosing a pet dog. If you have a small family of husband, wife and one or two children, you must choose a dog which is liked by all members of the family. The age of the dog also comes into play. Younger dogs are usually very active and there are a few breeds of dogs that are known for their hyperactive nature. Therefore your family members must be in a position to handle them and take care of them within the house. Apart from the above, there are a few more important aspects which must be taken into account as far as dog breeds and choices are concerned. We are sharing a few of them for the benefit of our customers.

Age Of The Dog

The age of the dog plays a big role while deciding on bringing these pets home. If you have young toddlers in your home, then it might be better for you to bring home a grown dog. This is because these grown dogs will not teeth on the toys of their children or the children themselves. Grown dogs will also be good friends and companions for children and will also be in a position to safeguard them when they are moving together from the comfort of the homes.

Length Of Coat And Shedding

The length of the coat is another important aspect which you must bear in mind when you are choosing these pets. Some family members could be sensitive and allergic to certain types of coats of dogs. Some dogs have longer hair coats which could lead to breathing and other such problems which should be taken into account. In such cases, it would be better to go in for dogs which shed less hair and have coats which are not so very thick. Dogs with lower coats will also make housekeeping that much simpler and easier.

Energy And Activity Levels

The energy and activity levels of dogs should also be an important factor to be taken into account while choosing your pet dog. Some dog breed personalities are very aggressive and they are also extremely active and have very high energy levels. You must be in a position to keep pace with them. It would be very wrong to keep these dogs closed in your homes or backyards and doing so could cause immense damage to the mental and physical health of the dogs.

The Size Of The Dog

Finally, you must pay attention to the size of a dog. This would again depend on various factors such as the size of the home, the activity levels of the members of the house, housekeeping facilities available, etc. Bigger dogs also require thorough maintenance and therefore you must be able to afford the same financially and also physically.

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