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Jitterbugs Review – big time Thumbs Up!

Recently my kids behavior has gone on another downward spiral and I was so keen on getting personalized reward charts for kids. When my daughter was 2 years old her toddler tantrums had reached a peak and I wrote a post about it called The Angry Toddler. That was in June 2014.

Now two years later my son is two years old and my daughter is four years old. I often feel like my home is a war zone. My two year old is throwing tantrums galore and my daughter has turned into an emotional drama queen, whining and moaning about everything.

I had Tamlyn from Jitterbugs ask me to do a review of her company and products. I was so excited when I saw reward charts in her product range. It honestly could not have come at a better time!

So I will quickly run through the products I chose from Jitterbugs and how I experienced their website and service. I ordered a good few items from Jitterbugs and I will start with the product that I loved the most, the rewards charts of course!

Personalized Reward Charts Kids

Jitterbugs have honestly outdone themselves with this. The reward chart is magnetic so it is meant to be stuck on the fridge. You can choose from a number of different themes.

I chose the Creepy Crawlies theme and I ordered two of them.

Then you order the motivational magnets separately. They come in a set of 36 magnets and there are different packs available according to age and also options for chores, homework and manners.

I loved this and ordered 3 packs. Maybe a bit of an overkill, but I just loved them all.

Personalized Reward Charts Kids

One thing I was going to suggest to Jitterbugs is to add in a new product for the motivational magnets and offer a pack where you can choose your own things to put on them as this is what I would have really loved. But as it turns out they do offer it and I just didn’t go through all the options available, so I will be ordering some of these soon!

It has been just over a week since I have implemented these rewards charts and it seems like I am living in a parallel universe to what was happening in our household a few weeks ago.

I have told my kids that they have to each acquire a certain amount of motivation magnets in a week. If they reach their target I will take them for a treat.

I have made it that they most both achieve this, otherwise there is no treat. So if one of my children make it and the other doesn’t there is no treat.

I have two reasons for this. The first is that I am usually alone with my kids. I just can’t manage to take one child out and not the other. The other reason is that they influence each other. My son idolizes his big sister and copies what she does. If she behaves badly he does too.

Yesterday I took them both to the Wimpy for a meal and dessert afterwards. What a pleasure.

So these rewards charts get full marks in my eyes. They have literally changed my days from a fight into a pleasure.

For R60 for a reward chart and R55 for a pack of 36 motivational magnets you can’t go wrong with this!

Reward Stickers

These are cute little stickers that come in a pack of 50 and the price is R30 a pack. I ordered two packs, one early learning pack for my daughter and one potty training pack for my son.

There are so many options here to choose from including literacy, numeracy, music, sports and even for sick kids.

What kid doesn’t love stickers? When my son makes a poop on the toilet he gets a sticker on his forehead and if my daughter manages to listen to me without whining she also gets one.

Reward Stickers

This is another great way to reinforce good behavior and get your children to have something to work towards.

I am now running low on stickers and will need to be ordering more of these soon!

Personalized Kids Labels

Tired of labeling all your kids stuff? I know I am, I despise this task and I very often just don’t bother with it anymore. Yes call me a bad mom, or whatever but I am constantly digging in the lost and found box for my kids things.

Now labeling has become fun and easy.

I ordered two label packs. One pre-school pack for my son (R115 for 200 items) and one essential school starter pack for my daughter (R220 for 221 items).

These come with various labels for things like books, lunch boxes and shoes. Also included is a bag tag and some iron on labels for clothes.

The labels are waterproof and microwave safe.

Label Packs

You get to choose your font, the background color, bag tag graphic and a graphic set for the labels. I enjoyed personalizing a set for each of my kids.

I love the colorful and fun designs and of course once again a really great quality and useful product. This will be saving me tons of time and effort in future.

Oh and I got a freebie in this pack. I got two really cute license disc holders. They sure beat the usual boring and ugly ones!

Fabric Ink Stamp

I ordered a laundry stamp and ink pad combo set with our surname on for R200 which came in a lovely little box. Included is the stamp, the ink pad and bottle of ink.

The first time I used it, well it was a mess simply because I don’t always follow instructions. I over-inked and I pressed too hard. Both of these were very clearly marked in the instructions as don’t do!

I then followed the instructions and marked some clothing. So if you use it properly as instructed it works beautifully!

Ink Fabric Stamp

Ink stamps, ink pads and bottles of ink can all be purchases separately too on the website which I find great. How often do you buy a set like this and then have to order a whole new set at the full price when you just want to get another ink bottle for example?

Yes I highly recommend this product too!

Baby on Board Signs

I am not usually into baby on board signs and I have never had one for my car but while I was browsing around the website one of them caught my eye… and yes I now have a baby on board sign on my car!

Baby On Board Sign

These are a really excellent price at R55. I know because I used to sell baby on board signs when Kaboutjie was an online store and my last price was about R85!

There are lovely options to choose from and the product is high quality.

Another recommendation from me!

What else does Jitterbugs sell?

They have lots more to choose from. I suggest you visit their website and have a look around.

They have invitations, commercial products and personalized onesies.

My daughter’s birthday is coming up in October and I have my eyes set on their invitations. You can order sticker invitations at R5 for as many as you want! Or you can get the invitations made into fridge magnets, this is so unique and such fun.

How long did my order take?

It took one week for Jitterbugs to make up my order, which is a great lead time for goods that are made up to order.

It then took a day for my order to be delivered to me by courier. I just have to add in here too that there were no hiccups with the courier delivering.

I live in an enclosed complex and there is no buzzer or intercom on our gate. Anyone wanting to enter must phone the resident. More often then not if something is being delivered by courier it goes pear-shaped even though I have given specific instructions to phone me and also specific times when I will be out.

I like the fact the courier knew the time to come and phoned me as instructed.

The amount charged for the courier to deliver to me was R90 which was also good as my area is considered an outlying area and very often I am billed extra.

What was my ordering experience like?

I love their website. It is easy to browse through all the products. I also had no difficulty choosing all the different options to personalize my products.

Registering and checking out also went without a hitch.

Jitterbugs told me that they are currently in the process of changing their website, so with this upgrade it will be better than ever. I look forward to seeing how this great website improves the user experience even more.

Will I Buy From Jitterbugs Again?

Yes, most definitely! I already have a list of things that I will be ordering soon!

I will be back for birthday invites for my daughter’s birthday which is in October. I want to order probably two packs of the custom motivational magnetics and I also will be needing some more reward stickers!

I don’t know if they will be bringing out new products when they launch their new website but I want to try out their new website and see how it compares.

I will certainly share with you my thoughts on the products I order next!

Have you used Jitterbugs before? What do you think of their products and service?


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  1. Wow! This is amazing. So many useful things for my toddler☺☺☺☺ Love. Love. Love❤❤❤

    • Hi Nicole

      I am glad you love the Jitterbugs products as much as I do! I am pleased to say that all these products are standing the test of time too, the labels are still on all the clothing, shoes and lunchboxes and the bag tags and baby on board are still looking brand new.

      So yes I still stand by my great recommendation!

  2. Incredibly marvelous, all of them are so amazing but mostly I love those reward stickers because it will encourage your toddler to do everything in his/her best to get them and I love that there is gonna be a bound or a relationship between the child and the parent is so amazing when you involve your child in this kinda stuff I love it. The inc fabric stamps I can use on my child’s belong especially when she starting at preschool, so wonderful… I can write her name on her backpack etc…thanks #Lynne your so amazing.

    • Betty all their products that I tried were outstanding! Plus it is now months down the line and all the labels are still going strong, including the fabric stamp! Excellent quality.

  3. I never used before but sound like they having the cool staff i must visit one day for them and check somethings out.

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