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Pelvic Pain Relief During Pregnancy And Embarrassing Problems After Birth – Body Stress Release

During my first pregnancy I suffered with almost EVERY known pregnancy symptom and one of the worst was pelvic pain. By the time I hit my 4th month I was already feeling it quite badly and when I got into the 3rd trimester it was so sore sometimes I could barely walk! So when I started getting pelvic pain for the first time in month 7 in my last pregnancy I was terrified and assumed I would have to suffer for another 2 months and that it would get progressively worse.

Ron from Body Stress Release regularly pops into our shop for a chat and when he heard I was starting to suffer suggested I book an appointment with his wife, Norah,  for a session. Truth be told I was sceptical, but I thought why not give it a go? It is only R220 and if it there is a chance it would help me get through the next few months that is a small price to pay for a natural miracle!

I booked my session for as soon as possible and off I went. I am not sure what I was expecting when I arrived but I was surprised that all she did was press very softly all over my body and every now and then she fiddled with my feet…. and here’s me thinking “Yeah ok, this will fix something as sore as pelvic pain!”.

I wasn’t really watching out for any changes because I didn’t think it would work, but a few days later walking around it suddenly occurred to me that there was absolutely no pain whatsoever. I was very surprised and of course pleased. I told Ron and he said it might return and I may need to have a few more sessions to keep it away until I give birth. I am pleased to say that I didn’t have to go back at all and that I was completely free from pelvic pain for the rest of my pregnancy!

That seemed like a miracle to me, but the reason I came for my next session is firstly rather embarrassing and secondly even more surprising that it worked.

As all moms know after giving birth one big fear is… yes the first poop! I was told that you are not allowed to leave the hospital until having a poo, so of course I lie and tell them I went with no problems. Who can really have a poop within 3 days of having a c-section anyway?

Maybe there is something wrong with me and all other women just manage to go but not me. I only managed to go on day 6!

However from then on it was full steam ahead for 2 1/2 weeks, by that I mean I could not stop going and it was a BIG problem.

I was back at work in our little shop and we have a tiny little toilet in the front and there is me pooping non-stop stinking the place out. My stomach was upset all day and night continuously for 18 days.

I called my GP and asked him about it and he said it is quite normal and because I am breastfeeding the only thing I can do is take a probiotic and drink rehydrate… which I already knew about so I had already finished my 2nd course of probiotics which had done absolutely nothing to help.

Any mom who is breastfeeding will tell you how tiring it is the first few weeks, add in just about no sleep because you have a newborn, a toddler, your own business (only took 2 weeks off to give birth) and pooping about 7 – 10 times a day and I can tell you what EXHAUSTED feels like. I have never been so tired in my life and I could not continue another day like this.

I went over to Ron and discussed my embarrassing problem with him and he assured me the chances were good Norah could help…. I was more than happy to try my chances. The experience was almost the same as the first time except this time she turned me over on my back and suddenly pressed very hard in my tummy which made me yelp out loud with pain.

She did this twice more and then sent me on my way. Once again a miracle happened – I made one more poop that day and from then on it improved drastically! No more than once a day from then on and of course my energy levels improved.

Thumbs up for a completely natural remedy that costs less than a doctor’s appointment and is right on my doorstep!

A huge thank you to Ron and Norah Duffett from Body Stress Release West Coast. If you are in the West Coast and suffer from anything strange I suggest you just give them a go and see if it helps. They also apparently help with colic babies and babies struggling to sleep so maybe my kids will be there next.

Have you tried Body Stress Release for anything before? Have you had pelvic pain during pregnancy and did anything help?

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  1. Thank you @lynne what a story , i never thoughts about the body stress release before maybe its time i give it a try.

  2. this is really informative. I struggle with sciatic pain, I think I’ll try body stress release

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