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What Advantages Does Newborn Formula Offer To Babies?

While many believe that formula feeding your newborn is somehow inferior to breastfeeding, you might be surprised to learn that there are actually many advantages to using newborn formula. The debate will certainly continue to rage with prevailing social norms being what they are; however, it is useful to know the facts of the matter before making a decision that can impact both you and your new baby.

In many situations, either the mother or child may be unwilling or even unable to participate in breastfeeding. Perhaps your baby has difficulty in securing suction or perhaps it is too painful for you yourself. In these cases, formula feeding offers an easy and nutritionally rich substitute. By using a bottle, you can ease up the physical stress of breastfeeding on your body.

If you are a concerned and inquisitive new parent and you want to make an informed decision about how to best assist the development of your child when it comes to nutrition, then read on to learn more about some of the advantages that newborn formula can offer.

Advantages of formula for babies

Flexibility For New Mothers

By choosing to feed a baby newborn formula, the new mother doesn’t have to restrict her diet. After pregnancy, it is likely that you will want to restore your diet and lifestyle back to a new “normal”. Having the opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine, a cup of coffee, or even some of your favourite spicy foods – or even to take your own personal medications – will be possible if you know that you will not transmit these substances to your child through breastfeeding.

Formula feeding using a bottle can also be done by anyone. This means that a new mother doesn’t have to be the primary caregiver in terms of feeding. New parents can take turns bonding with their child while formula feeding to increase the equality of responsibility.

Look for the formula closest to breastmilk in South Africa to ensure that your baby takes to the formula easily.

What Advantages Does Newborn Formula Offer To Babies?in your new family.

Newborn Formula Is Nutritious

One of the advantages of newborn formula is that its nutritional profile can be adjusted based on the needs of your individual child. Newborn formulas are constantly improving over time and due to the heavily regulated nature of the industry, you can be sure that you are getting a quality nutritious product. There are many formulations available in your local supermarket which can cater to any type of need or dietary restriction. For example, perhaps your child is allergic to certain ingredients like gluten or lactose. In this case, simply find a formula variant that your child can easily digest to ensure that it is still receiving all necessary nutrition.

Newborn formula also contains many vitamins and minerals that are largely absent from breastmilk. These include vitamin D and omega fatty acids – both of which are critical for the healthy development of your baby’s heart and brain and overall well-being. While there is some evidence that suggests that natural breastmilk contains immunity-boosting substances that are critical for your baby’s health, it is worth noting that babies who are exclusively formula-fed from birth do not have statistically worse health outcomes.

Mother feeding formula

Experiment With The Convenience Of Newborn Formula

Hopefully, the above information has helped to shed some light on the key advantages of formula feeding your newborn. Whether you decide to breastfeed your baby or not, make sure to consult with your family physician before changing your child’s diet in any major way. If you do decide to try formula-feeding, you can be sure that the convenience it provides will significantly ease up your post-partum stress. And happy and relaxed parents make for a happy and healthy newborn.

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  2. I breast fed my daughter for 2 months before I started formula and I wouldn’t say she is a sickly child but I have noticed she has a weak immune system maybe i used the wrong Formula… but this is great info Thanks for sharing

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