Top 7 Tips To Consider Before Buying A Pram

Each pregnancy is unique, and so is the little bundle of joy that you anticipate to hold in your hands. Choosing the right products can be overwhelming as some are not necessarily within the pregnancy to-do list. One product that needs articulation is pram. You certainly don’t want a product that will not serve its purpose and cause your regret. Before purchasing a pram for your infant or toddler, here are useful tips to consider

Top 7 Tips To Consider Before Buying A Pram

  1. Use of the pram

It’s the first and most essential question that you have to ponder, besides pushing your baby around, what’s the purpose of the pram. Are you an active parent who will be pushing the pram when jogging? Are you a traveler who needs a portable pram for traveling? Highlighting your purpose is the first step in narrowing down the list of options of prams that you have

  1. Type of pram

There are various types of prams, both online and in stores. Here you get to consider which type will fit perfectly into your lifestyle. You can select from umbrella pram, jogger pram to travel prams. If you ever have to take a walk with your infant always pick a pram with large, lockable all-terrain wheels for pushing your baby. However, never go jogging with your baby before they attain the age of 6 months.

  1. The child’s age/weight

The utmost priority when it involves a child is safety concerns. You need to consider the age and the child’s weight to ensure the safety of the baby as well as longevity.

Some prams aren’t suited for a newborn baby, for example, many joggers and pram lack 180 degrees reclining seat

The prams can differentiate in maximum weight as well as height capacity more so for the doubles where the maximum weight can be similar to a single one. You need to critically assess your wants and make sure the prams can withstand it.

  1. Pram’s weight

Prams are of different weights depending on the type as well as features it has. The daily single or double pram wheel has a decent suspension, thus making you use a little effort to push the pram. It offsets the weight.

Some may lack suspension, thus making it difficult to push. Ultimately this isn’t the best pram for a newborn baby.

You need to analyze if you’ll spend more time transporting it, for example, when traveling portability is very crucial.

  1. Additional features

You need to consider choosing a pram that has other features to make your life easier. It depends on the individual. Do you love traveling? Then a travel bag is fundamental. Having a pram that has cup holders, an organizer tray, a storage basket makes commuting easier. One can carry all the baby’s essentials without forgetting anything.

Having a bassinet is worthwhile as it will come in handy for infant prams. It ultimately gives your little one a great place to fall asleep.

  1. Design

A prams design is the utmost concern of every parent. Never ignore the itsy bitsy details of the pram. Here is what you need to scrutinize to ensure its working.

  • Wheels – the size of the wheels determines so much. Are they swivel wheels not locked into one place? Are they ones that require air? Are they solid strong? You need a piece of equipment with firm wheels which are great for all sorts of terrains.
  • Seat recline – are you in need of obtaining a reclining seat? By how many degrees do you want it? There are a few things to consider. First, is the seat fully reclined to meet the basic needs of a newborn pram? It isn’t negotiable, especially if you are searching for one from birth. Secondly, do you ever see your baby sleeping in a pram or not? For a daily basis pram, you would need a flat or close to flat recline to work nicely without hurting your baby
  • Basket – this feature comes in handy, especially if you need a storage basket. However, you must weigh your options concerning one that’s on the rear end of the seats or one that is under the pram.
  • Frame – you need to know how the pram holds up. Thus the need to go through pram reviews or asking other parents what’s their best choice. You need a sturdy pram, and this will depend on the frame.
  • Appearance – for any parent or guardian it’s vital to choose a pram of your taste and preference. A suitable pram is an accessory that will use often. There are a variety of colors that you can select from whether sport, traditional, contemporary, or sleek modern designs. Getting something that you enjoy using makes it fun to carry your baby in it all days long.
  1. Weather protection

How is the weather in your immediate surrounding? You need to be sure if the weather will affect your baby’s skin. However, it never hurts to be cautious. Choosing a pram which doesn’t offer enough shade, you will end up hanging all sorts of shawls and repeatedly adjusting during the day. Your makeshift sunshade may end up frustrating you by falling on the ground often if not appropriately tied or even tangle between the wheels. Why pass through all this hassle when you can select a suitable pram with sufficient shade.

Select a pram that has sufficient airflow to ensure that it isn’t too stuff for your baby.

It’s always important to inquire about pram’s wet option while shopping, either in local stores or Australian prams online. Never take a gamble with your baby’s health. The covers might keep the baby dry, which is all well and good. However, they may create a humid tiny bubble which is detrimental. Therefore, it’s very critical to make sure there is sufficient airflow as well as proper rain protection.


When considering to buy any Australian prams online, always consider your baby’s requirements as well as lifestyle. Putting the above tips into practice while shopping for a pram, you are sure to get a top-notch pram which’s comfortable to use and stylish. Choosing the perfect pram for any occasion is the best present you can gift your baby as well as yourself.

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