Tips to encourage kids to clean their own room

Top 6 Tips To Encourage Kids To Clean Their Room

Millions of parents have been battling out on how to help their children keep their rooms clean and organized. If the battle seems endless, you will probably find these pointers helpful. When your kids start growing up and learning from their peers – they will eventually learn that cleaning is not dreadful at all, but a habit that can improve one’s way of living. If they have learned it somewhere- great! As a parent, there’s always the clinging need for your kids to get your assistance when it comes cleaning up their room.

Tips To Encourage Kids To Clean Their Room

How can you help them? Here are some of the most effective tips that you can implement so that you may handle the situation calmly and effectively.

Figure out what makes your child tick.

You have to think like your child. Constantly moaning at your kids and telling them what they must do is not always going to work.

You have probably have spent some time wondering why they can’t just get it, right? Small kids often can’t comprehend what their moms are harping on about – they are still growing, learning, and appreciating the gift of childhood.  The best and most efficient way you can help them is by taking some time to figure out what makes them tick.

Understand the development stage they are going through. You will never be able to appreciate things unless you understand them. Do some research on how you can teach them to organize their things in a systematic way. Show them where and how to place their possessions, storage, and furniture pieces appropriately. After that, they will soon realize how to do it by themselves.

Another thing to take into consideration is the furniture and fittings, it is best to purchase them furniture and kids storage bins that fit their size.

When you teach your children, simplify the process as much as possible. They can’t process complex ideas and information all at once, they are still young and learning. Explain in a detailed and step-by-step manner how to do something and help them until they have mastered that particular skill. They will soon to realize that it’s not difficult to do tasks like folding the bedding after all.

Be enthusiastic and happy as you show your children the way; this will encourage them and show them that cleaning is fun. For kids, purchase smaller hangers, clothing rods, and closets.

It is pointless having things that are too high and out of your child’s reach. This will make it difficult for your child to get to things and to do any tidying and cleaning.

Toy organizer bins that are on the floor level are be a great choice for them to store their toys in. If you don’t like the idea of toy bins, you can consider plastic baskets for a cuter look effect.

Creating a Cleaning Routine.

Create a cleaning routine with your kids

Cleaning should be done regularly and it is essential that your child gets into the habit of cleaning regularly.

Involve your child in the decision making process, explain that his room needs to be tidied daily and cleaned twice a week. Let your child choose the days he will clean his room.

Instead of saying your child need to clean his room twice a week, ask him which two days he would like to clean his room. This will give your child some control of the situation and is a lot more effective.

Creating a cleaning checklist for your child will help your child to know exactly what is expected of him and help him not to forget anything. Make sure the checklist is age appropriate and fun.

You can even make a weekly calendar and add fun activities to it to, all work and no play will put your child off. Involve your child in creating the weekly calendar so that it is made into a fun activity.

Bringing the Child into Organizing.

Be your child’s guide but show and teach them,  then let your child take control of doing these tasks.

Let your child choose where to keep things and help your child to understand how best to keep his room clean and organized. Keep in mind that your child just won’t do the best job to start with and maybe even for a long time. This is fine, as long as your child is learning and taking some responsibility for his living space.

Remember your child won’t be small forever and things that feel like a daily trial now will soon be over.

Try and encourage your child through praise and compliments when you can see they are making an effort and when they get things right. This will go a lot further than negative talk and threats if they don’t clean their room. Rewards charts are always a winner to help your child learn things.

Guide and teach your child how to clean

Storing and Simplifying.

Show your kids on how to become minimalists, tell them they can only keep what they need, and they need to give away the things that they don’t need anymore. It can be toys, shoes, or clothes that they outgrow.

Help them realize that things that are not being used just take up space that could be used for useful things and it keeps the tidying, cleaning and organizing down to a minimum.

Don’t keep all your kids toys out at the same time, ask your child to choose some things that he wants to play with for a while and pack the other things away. This will keep the toys lying around to a minimum plus your child won’t get so bored with his toys if you rotate them.

Labeled containers.

There are various storage bins for kids that come along with waterproof papers that you can label, so your children will not have a difficult time knowing which container to pack away their toys into.

Teaching you child how to organize his things into the right containers from as young an age as possible will pay off big time.

If you child has a lot of toys and belongings consider spacious bins and open baskets to accommodate your child’s huge amount of toy treasures.

Whatever type of container you wish for your child to have, make sure that it’s accessible for them. Teach them to keep similar items together, so everything would be much easier to find and to keep.

Every item has a place.

Show your child that everything has a place and don’t leave your books on the living sofa. If you leave your things lying around they will do the same. Always keep in mind that children learn best from watching what you do, this is always more important than what you say. If you are saying one thing but doing another this will just confuse your child. So try and keep your house organized and make sure your own things are packed away so that you are a good role model for your child.

Teaching your children to do chores from a young age and how they can keep their room clean is never a waste of time, yes it will test your patience. If you feel like you’re losing your temper, just remember the happiness they have filled in your heart the minute when they are born. They will always be a blessing to the family, cherish them until they learn how to take good care of their own room. Happy cleaning!

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  1. These 6 tips is a way to go and i would like to use them to encourage our son to clean his room when his older he must also clean up in lounge when he played. He must do chores and clean up after him its just good to teach them frm young.

  2. Those are good tips and to start early the better

  3. Thinking of these tips to encourage kids to clean their rooms. I know it might never be to late but teaching a 3 and a half year old to clean up after she played and to do chores that doesn’t I feel its so late now she should be knowing by now cleaning up doing chores she is so clever but the parents family member just leave her do to as she want and clean up for her so how ill she lea to clean up and do chores there I blame the parents I as thinking of confronting them bu then again family fights will be happening which I don’t want to so do I keep quiet or talk to them I’ve hinted on giving her chores and make her clean up where she play but doesn’t seem to make a change.

  4. Great i will encourage my son when his little bit older to do what is good for him

  5. Great Tips Lynne Thank you

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