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All The Things You Will Need Newborn Baby

Newborn with eyes closed

Bringing a newborn home after delivery can be a daunting experience during those first few weeks. It takes a while to adjust to your new routine amidst nappy changes, feeds, and sleep deprivation. Before we share things you will need newborn baby checklist, here are five things you can do before D-day to make your life a little easier on yourself.

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Wash baby bedding and clothes

A newborn baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive, therefore it is recommended to wash all bedding and clothing items with non-bio detergent before using them. This will prevent skin irritation.

Cook in bulk

Once baby arrives, you will often feel as if the days have not enough hours. You are going to have your hands full. Preparing and cooking food will be a challenge. Cooking and freezing meals in bulk before the time will be a huge time-saver during those first few weeks after giving birth. 

Do some spring cleaning

There will not be a lot of time for doing household chores once your little one arrives. Take advantage of your nesting instinct and do a thorough clean of your home or hire someone to help you if you are not feeling up to it. Instead, you can do things like organizing baby supplies and doing the last bibs and bobs to get everything ready for baby’s homecoming.

Buy loads of nappies

You will be amazed at how many wipes and nappies a newborn goes through, so stock up on disposable nappies beforehand. You will need about ten to twelve a day.

Start packing your hospital bag

During the last stretch of your third trimester, labour can happen during any time. Start packing your hospital bag around 36 weeks with baby essentials, clothing, and nappies you will need for labour and after delivery. Place the bag close to the front door so when the time arrives you can just grab it on your way out.

Essential Big-ticket Items You Will Need For Your Newborn Baby

During the third trimester of pregnancy, in between naps and resting your swollen feet, you can start stocking up on everything you will need for the big day when your newborn is coming home with you. However, do not buy too many baby toiletries and clothing before your baby shower since you will most probably receive loads of these. Wait until afterwards and buy the things you still need.

How Do You Know What Your Baby Will Need?

The best way to start creating your newborn shopping list is to think about what your baby will need. Break it down into a few primary categories to avoid forgetting something important. Focus on the things they will need for different rooms/activities. This will make it easier to remember and categorize. Make a list and tick the things off the list that you have already bought or received.

Baby Bedroom Necessities

When baby starts growing and moves into his own bedroom, you will have to re-evaluate this list and update some of baby’s necessities. It is also essential to remember to frequently wash baby’s pillowcases, sheets and other baby for hygienic purposes and ensuring your baby stays protected and healthy while sleeping.

Baby Necessities For Outings Away From Home

Baby Feeding Essentials

If you are planning on breastfeeding, having these items can make things a whole lot easier:

If you are planning on formula feeding, you will need:

Baby Essentials For Changing Diapers

If you are planning on using cloth diapers that are re-usable:

If you are planning on using disposable nappies:


Let’s face it, it is difficult to resist all those tiny and cute baby outfits online or in the shops. But keep in mind that babies grow rapidly, and they do not fit into a particular size for very long. It is not worth spending hundreds of dollars on baby clothing that is only going to be worn a few times. You will also be doing a lot of nappy changes, so you want to opt for something that is comfy and allows for quick nappy changes. 

Also, keep in mind, how many times a week you do laundry. If you do laundry twice or three times weekly, you are not going to need too many clothes either.

 When shopping for baby outfits, do not buy too many newborn sizes since babies outgrow them too quickly. Also, if your baby is big, it will most likely not fit him. We recommend buying a few newborn items and then rather invest in 0-3 months.

Suggested clothing for newborns:

Bath Time Essentials For Newborns

Other Newborn Baby Essentials

Non-essential baby items, but nice to have

Apart from all the essentials mentioned above there are a few items that are not essential but are incredibly comfortable to have and will make your life a lot easier.

First off, congratulations on your pregnancy. Enjoy every moment because before you know it, it will all be over, and it will be time for baby’s arrival. We know it can be tricky to try and remember every single thing you are going to need once you and your baby is discharged from the hospital. Parents often splurge or overindulge, thinking that they need all the gimmicks and baby equipment they see advertised, especially if it is their first child.

 But, truthfully, newborns only need a few big-ticket items, like a stroller, baby car seat, and crib.  And apart from nappy changes, they feed, and sleep. Rather, stick to essentials and save money for nappies and other baby essentials. You are going to go through a lot of nappies during those first few weeks. 


We hope you have found this article helpful. This list contains the general expectations as far as baby necessities go. Before buying baby clothes, think about what he will actually need. We have only listed the basics, but depending on your budget, aesthetic preference, and lifestyle, your list may vary.

Having children does not come cheap and it is useful to start spending wisely from the very beginning. We hope that our checklist is going to be something that you can use as a guide when you are preparing for the arrival of your newborn. Remember, there are some things that your baby is not even going to use during the first few months of his life. You can always stock up on the essentials and get those at a later stage. 

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