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Things To Consider Before Installing A Nanny Cam

Nanny with baby

A nanny cam is like a surveillance camera that parents can use to monitor their nannies or babysitters and their kids. You’ve probably already thought of installing a nanny cam in your house to keep tabs on your nanny plus kids when you’re at work or even out doing other things. So, if you’re hesitating over a choice, there are some things to take into account before purchasing the best nanny cams. Here are some of them.

What Do You Wish to Achieve With the Nanny Cam?

Figure out your objectives before installing it. Would you wish to check your computer or mobile device after some time to find out the things your kid is doing? Would you like to observe the interactions between your nanny and your kid?

The reason for a nanny cam is a pointer as to how well it’ll work for you. In case you’re a new mother who has recently gone back to work, and you wish to see plus hear your toddler while you’re away, a streaming camera could come in handy. Moreover, if you like to control every aspect of your nanny’s activities, a streaming camera might end up distracting you. Think about why you need a nanny cam and select the type/location of the camera based on your requirements.

Some Things Are Best Left Unseen?

Your nanny is not a perfect person. She may not do things the way you usually do. Therefore, before you purchase and figure out where to hide nanny cam, ask yourself how you would react whenever your nanny does things differently. While you’re most likely aware that this happens, you might not know every detail. However, after watching her, you’ll get to know all the details, and for most people, it might be difficult to let go. Perhaps your nanny allows your child to play with his food, something which you don’t normally do. Most nannies, if not all, do things that don’t bring down the quality of care they give, but they irritate their employers all the same. In case you’re someone who doesn’t let go of those things easily, installing this camera might strain your relationship with the nanny.

Know the Law

Nanny cameras are installed to protect your kids, monitor nannies, etc. However, are they lawful? You’d be going against the video surveillance law if the camera is located in private spots to watch your nanny closely.

With regards to audio recordings, in the U.S., for instance, rules governing audio recording differ from one state to another. There’s the one-person consent law in some states, which implies that at least one individual in the recording ought to be aware while it is happening. You’d be breaching the audio recording regulation if your nanny isn’t aware of the record if you reside in states such as:

Are You Doubtful About the Care Your Kid Is Getting?

Some parents are at ease with the quality of care given by their nanny and need assurance that their kid is doing fine during the day when they are absent. On the other hand, some parents suspect that the nanny is neglecting or even hurting their kid and need evidence before taking any action. In case you’re concerned about your kid’s safety, you ought to act with or without video evidence.

You might act fast without waiting for video proof; however, safeguarding your child is very important. Some parents have installed nanny cams only to see the nanny harming their kid. In case you’re doubtful, do not let your nanny harm your child once more.

Comparison Between Hidden and Visible Cameras

In most cases, a nanny cam is referred to as a hidden spy cam. However, are nanny cams always hidden? The answer is no. they can be grouped into:

Hidden ones are normally camouflaged in something else, for example, a toy, a clock, a vase, etc. They can record the nannies without them knowing.

On the other hand, visible cameras are similar to standalone ones. You can put them on a horizontal or vertical surface. Homemakerguide has great reviews on nanny cams.

Vital Specifications to Look out for


Installing a nanny cam can be very helpful for parents. Nevertheless, you ought to be aware that using one can strain your relationship with your nanny. In case you opt for it, consider being open with your nanny and reassure her that you respect her privacy.

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