How to get your children to listen

Quick Tips How To Get Your Children To Listen

It is important to make your child get used to listening to what you tell him/her from an early age. If your child makes it a point to ignore you, the problem will get worse the older he/she grows. Getting your children to listen to you is not as difficult as it may seem, even though you may be somewhat unsure how to go about it since your child is a bit stubborn by nature.

First and foremost you need to make it a point to listen to your child. If you show your child that you are not a good listener, you cannot expect him/her to be a good listener right? So, when your child talks to you do not keep doing whatever you were doing. Put it down, look at him/her and give your complete attention.

It is important to try to avoid shouting and repetition as much as possible. If you do this you are most likely going to put off your child from even trying to listen to what you are saying. Try to stay calm and take it easy with him/her. After all he/she is only a child, and it will take time to explain the importance of listening to him/her.

When talking to your child make eye contact, use a few easy-to-understand words, and speak calmly and clearly. Try to avoid giving commands, but rather explain the why and how they should be acting in a certain manner or doing something. They are more likely to listen to you in this way.

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  1. Ive seen @lynne with my nearly 8 month old when i say just the word no he ignore me flat as he runs in walker so if i say Aiden no it hot he looks at me and leave but if i just say no he ignore me already LOL i learned now to show explain and say more then just no and that is already working at his young age he will know when he gets older never to early to teach them something.

  2. My son is 5years old and he is a quite a challenge

  3. It’s very hard and my son he is soooo talkative he never stops and it’s irritating me so much it make me time to relax it’s not the same when it was the first one now I also have to take care of other kid. But am hanging in the.

  4. My son dont want to listern,he leson only when am shouting then he will stop what his doing and listern to me sometimes i feel like am forcing him to do something his naughty child and 3 turning 4year

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