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5 Top Tips For Potty Training Boys

Boy Potty Training

Potty training boys is a little different from potty training girls in that of course they have different needs due to different equipment down there, as well as the fact that boys are often showing readiness for potty training later than girls are.

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When To Start Potty Training Boys

There is no set time that is right for potty training boys, or girls for that matter. Toddlers can start showing readiness for potty training from around 18 months of age, or they can start showing readiness at 3 years old. In general boys seem to show signs of readiness later than girls. This could be due to the fact that boys are often more active than girls and they are not able to concentrate when they are on the move.

While the general guidelines for potty training remains the same, there are some differences in potty training girls vs boys, so this post will focus on potty training boys only.

The right time to start potty training your boy is when he shows interest and other signs of readiness such as:

It is a great idea to start potty training during the summer months when you can let your boy run around without any pants on outside, or inside if you have tiled or wooden floors. Plus all the extra washing is much easier in the warmer months.

Also to take onto consideration for when to start, you might want to consider starting during the school holidays when you have more time with your son to devote to potty training. Alternatively you can discuss it with your child’s playschool and see if they do potty training at school, and you can work in conjunction with them.

Let Him Watch To Learn

The best way for your toddler to learn things is through imitation and the same is true when it comes to potty training. Make sure that he also spends some time learning from daddy too and explain to him why boys and girls use the toilet differently.

It is best for your son first to learn how to sit on the potty (make sure his equipment is pointing down) before he starts standing up to wee.

Buy Your Boy Some Cool Underpants

Buying awesome underwear for your son is a big milestone that will mark his journey starting with potty training. You can let him wear his underpants under his pants or you can put his underpants over a nappy.  The important thing here is to follow what your son wants to do so that he is comfortable and you go at his pace.

Start With A Potty Training Schedule

It’s best to start with potty training your child first when he awake, then start with no nappies during his day naps and lastly move to no nappies overnight.

Make sure to get your child to the potty first thing in the morning, last thing at night, just before a nap, right after a nap and twenty minutes after having anything to eat or drink.

Ask your child regularly if he needs to go to the toilet, especially if he gets engrossed in playing and has not been to the toilet in a while.

Don’t Scold Messes and Celebrate Victories

Cleaning up messes from accidents is no fun for anyone but it is important to remain patient and not to scold your child. Scolding your child can have a very negative effect on your child and may cause your child to be unwilling to potty train or be embarrassed about accidents.

It is also important to celebrate with your child when there is success with potty training. There are some amazing potty training rewards charts to help this along.

Potty Training Equipment and Supplies

Buying some potty training goodies will make it so much easier for your boy to learn how to use the potty. Here are some things that I highly recommend that you invest in to make potty training easier, quicker and more fun.


Investing in a potty is a fantastic idea. As mentioned above the best way for your child to learn how to use the toilet is to copy you. When you go to the toilet encourage your child to come with you and sit on the potty while you go.

You can buy a very simple potty that won’t cost an arm and a leg or you can buy one that is more fancy and fun such as this racing car potty or a potty that looks just like a miniature toilet.


Toddler Toilet Seat

There are some amazing potty training toilet seats such as this cute one from 4 A Kid that has a step that can be used to climb onto the toilet and your toddler can rest his feet on the step rather than have his legs hanging off the toilet.

A toilet seat will help your child be comfortable while sitting on the toilet more suitable for a little bottom. The best toddler toilet seat will be stable on the toilet so that your child does not slip off and have an accident such as this one from Amazon.

Toddler Urinal

When your boy starts to wee standing up he might really enjoy his own special urinal – this froggy urinal from 4 A Kid is fantastic and it has a little water wheel which makes aiming fun and exciting. You can also get it from Amazon.

Toilet Targets

Boys can find it hard to concentrate and when your boy is potty training and standing to wee you may find that half your bathroom gets covered in urine. Buying toilet targets is a great way to encourage your child to aim properly. You can buy one that sits in the toilet all the times such as this XXXXX or you can buy a pack of fun flushable toilet targets.

Toilet Seat With Night Light

Something that is great for both girls and boys for potty training, as well as for older kids, is a toilet seat with a night light. It will make it so much easier for little ones to find the toilet easily at night and for little boys to aim properly.

Books About Potty Training

I am a huge fan of using books to teach my children and potty training is no different. There are some amazing books available that help children become excited and willing to try potting training while reinforcing that it is natural and fine to have some accidents along the way.

Potty Training Reward Chart

As mentioned above it is important for your child’s potty training victories to be acknowledged and a great way to do this is to have a potty training reward chart. If you already have a reward chart for your toddler you can add in some potty training goals. It is lovely for your child to see his achievements and to work towards getting stickers on his chart and getting a reward.



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