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3 Amazing Educational Toys For 4 Year Olds

4 Year Old Girl

Research over the years has shown that learning through play is an integral part of children’s development. Not only is it great for children to release energy while playing but also developing their own personalities, finding out who they are as a little person, even as young as infancy. From …

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13 Ideas For Fostering Creativity In Kids

Kids Creativity

Creativity is so important for children. It enables them to express themselves freely without judgement and this can nurture your child’s emotional health. Fostering creativity in kids is vitally important to help them to cope with their feelings and to express their thoughts and emotions. Creating an environment that boosts …

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What Attracts Children and Teens to Rap Music?

Teens and rap

During the past few years, music has undergone a tremendous amount of evolution. Now, there are some sources that are projecting that rap music has become more popular than rock music, displacing one of the largest music movements of the past fifty years. In large part, this has been driven …

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Common Christmas Card Mistakes To Avoid

Christmas card

If you plan on sending out Christmas cards or thank you christmas cards, you must put in the effort to ensure that they are appropriate, timely, and personal. While receiving Christmas and thank you cards can be a pleasant experience, grammatical errors, poor spellings, and rude language could make the …

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6 Best Baby Teething Remedies

Teething and crying baby

A teething baby is no joke and you will find out very early on that you need the best baby teething remedies on hand to ease your baby’s teething pain and symptoms. Babies usually start teething around 3 months of age, however some babies have even been born with teeth, …

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12 Children’s Books That Discuss Substance Abuse

Preteen reading book

Substance abuse and addiction can be such a difficult topic to discuss with kids, especially when they are facing confusing and hurtful circumstances related to a parent’s or sibling’s addiction. “As an addiction treatment professional, a person in recovery, and a father, I know from personal experience how important it …

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6 Tips For Boosting Your Child’s Self-esteem

Child's self-esteem

Self-esteem plays a major role in how we feel about ourselves and this has a huge impact on the way we do things in life, our beliefs and attitude. A child with a healthy self-esteem will be more efficient in resisting peer pressure, handling conflict and feeling optimistic towards challenges, …

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The Secret To Raising Happy Kids

Happy kids running

Every parent knows that once you’ve held that little person in your arms for the first time that your life has inexplicably changed and that nothing would ever be the same again. We all want what’s best for our children and most of all we want our children to be …

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5 Children Books That Teach Empathy

2 Kids reading

Empathy is the ability to experience and have an understanding of the feelings of others and responding in useful ways. For some children it is easier to develop empathy more inherently than others, but this is a crucial life skill that needs to be taught to all children. Children with …

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