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Your Buying Guide To Select The Right Travel Stroller

Dad pushing stroller

I have seen a lot of parents struggle while taking their kids out, especially when travelling. They fail to realize that the daily, bulky, traditional umbrella strollers are so inconvenient to move around compared to today’s sleek umbrella strollers. The same ignorance made me suffer initially when we had our …

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Combating ‘Unplaced Children’ In Schools

Education supplies

Every year, without fail, thousands of families struggle with the battle to get their child placed into a school. Previously, they might be battling for a spot at their school of preference, but recently it’s about finding a spot at all. All is not lost, however, as online schools are …

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Meet A New Generation of My Little Pony!

Next Generation My Little Pony

A new generation of My Little Pony characters have joined the family. Unicorns, Pegasus, and Earth Ponies unite! Get to know an unexpected group of friends on a mission to bring magic back to the world of My Little Pony: A New Generation.   The Netflix movie recently reached number one …

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7 Tips for Buying Gifts for Teenagers

Gift teenageer

For many people, buying a gift for teenagers is the most difficult thing to do. Teenagers are notoriously picky and opinionated about everything from how they dress to what type of music they like. It’s no wonder that it can be difficult to buy gifts for 14 year old boys …

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8 New Mom Survival Tips

New mom baby

Becoming a mom is so exciting, however it can also a very tiring and scary time too for new moms. These new mom survival tips will enable you to better handle all the changes that come with having a baby for the first time. Get Support Having support as a …

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COVID + Lockdowns: 54% Of Families In South Africa Bought Or Rented Extra Devices For Remote Learning, Kaspersky Findings

Extra devices for online learning

In a recent survey*, Kaspersky identified the technical challenges families faced during mandatory remote learning following lockdown measures that were instituted across the globe at the onset and continued in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. To provide all their children with the devices they needed for online classes, more …

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Parent Sense Disrupts Babyhood In The Best Way


Whether you’re a first-time parent or welcoming the latest newborn into your family, the early parenting period can be downright confounding.  On top of the lack of sleep and the rigours of truly 24/7 attendance, from the get-go, each new baby has its distinct character, which takes time to get …

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This Children’s Day, Pampers Celebrates Single Parents Who Brought The World Home When Their Babies Couldn’t Step Out Through Their Campaign #MamaUyindlovu

Children's Day Pampers

Pampers also steps up to support young children with early childhood development scholarships In celebration of National Children’s Day in South Africa, Pampers is celebrating single parents who bravely navigated lockdown parenting with little to no support. 40% of parents in South Africa are single moms. Though the past year …

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5 Tips To Ace The Exam Season

Study for exam time

Thousands of high school learners across the country are currently writing their final exams in what has been yet another immensely challenging academic year. With sporadic school closures owing to the pandemic, children have had limited time inside the classroom. There’s no doubt that this presents huge challenges for our …

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The Importance Of Free Play

Free play

In this article, we will explore the importance of free play, provide a few examples, and share some of the benefits linked to free play from early childhood. Play comes naturally to kids and play is automatically associated with childhood. But, some children are not getting sufficient free play time. …

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