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Miscarriage and Loss – Facebook Live with Lynne Huysamen and Vicky Scheepers

Miscarriage and Loss - Kaboutjie Facebook Live with Lynne Huysamen and Vicky Scheepers

Recently I went live on my Facebook page Kaboutjie for the first time to talk about miscarriage and loss with Vicky Scheepers.

It was a very emotional experience for me, but I am so glad that I got to share my story live with you. There are so many women that have had miscarriages and are still sitting with that pain.

There is so much stigma surrounding miscarriage and many women feel unable to share about their experience, so let this be a space to share openly and honestly, without fear.

Vicky, a birth and bereavement doula, shared some fantastic tips for coping with miscarriage as well as how to help those that gone through it.

I am so sorry for the bad quality of the video, I will try and get the quality better over time as I figure out how to connect another camera to my laptop. Tech is not my strong point!

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