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How to get Blu Tack out of Hair (also known as Prestik)

How to get Blu Tack out of hair

I have been meaning to share this cool parenting hack with everyone for a while now, but I just haven’t found the time to get this post up until now. I am sure that every mom will at some stage need to know how to get Blu Tack out of hair easily,  without a fuss and without cutting a huge chunk of hair off. My time came in the second term of school this year.

The teacher sent me a whatsapp message which I didn’t see so when I arrived at the playschool there was a very worried looking teacher and a little girl with a big clump of Blu Tack stuck in her hair.

Honestly I think sometime us mommy bloggers can come across as a little crazy because I was pleased as punch. I had been hearing how parenting hacks and how to’s are becoming so popular, especially on Youtube.

I had been wondering what to start with and how to go about it and suddenly an opportunity jumps into my lap.

Upon getting home I quickly did some research and came up with two options for things that I had on hand… using Peanut Butter or using Baby Oil.

I’m not too sure about you but putting Peanut Butter into my daughter’s hair just sounded a little bit gross to me so I chose to go with the Baby Oil method for getting Blu Tack out of hair.

Although I found out what to use none of the websites actually gave me any details on how to get the Blu Tack out using baby oil or peanut butter.

Yes of course I must put the baby oil onto the hair and Blu Tack but then what?

How to get Blu Tack/ Prestik out of hair

So here’s how to do it. Simply pour a good amount of baby oil onto the area where the Blu Tack is stuck in the hair. Work the baby oil into the Blu Tack but don’t try and pull it the Blu Tack out yet.

Leave the baby oil to soak in for about 5 minutes. Then simply pull the Blu Tack out. The Blu Tack will almost dissolve away, so if it is not coming out immediately and very easy you need to leave it a little longer.

You can see exactly what I mean in my Youtube video. I filmed the process and I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it while I was doing it, so I tried to work it out and it took a long time.

Suddenly the Blu Tack just dissolved and came out really easily. You will be able to do it so much easier now that I did the research and experiment for you!

Good luck and I hope this parenting hack makes your life so much easier!

Oh and next time it happens I will be brave and experiment with Peanut Butter.

Have you ever got Blu Tack stuck in your hair or your child’s hair?

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