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3 Reasons Why A Baby Potty Chair Makes Potty Training Easier

Baby Potty Chair

Potty training, and with it, finally the end of changing endless changing of nappies and cleaning of little bottoms is a highly anticipated milestone for many parents.

There are plenty of great potty training tips that will make the entire process easier. Choosing a good potty will make also help.

When potty training begins one of the choices that needs to be made is how you are going to encourage your little one to use the toilet or potty.

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Your different options for getting your child to potty train are:

Getting the right potty training equipment can mean all the difference with a baby potty chair being first prize.

  1. A Baby Potty Chair Is Just Like A Mini Toilet

Babies and children learn best by emulating their parents, it is how they do most of their learning. This means that giving them their own mini toilet that mimics the real thing as much as possible will make the whole potty training experience so much easier.

One of the recommended ways to get your child to use the toilet is to let your child come with you each time you go and to do what you do at the same time. So keeping your baby potty chair in the bathroom is a great idea, when you go to the toilet your child can sit on the baby potty chair.

You can also call the baby potty chair “your toilet” when speaking to your child instead of potty or potty chair, this will encourage them to use it even more.

  1. A Potty Chair helps your child sit for longer

A potty chair is not only designed to look the same as a toilet, it is also designed to be comfortable and stable for your child.

A normal potty is lower on the ground which is not a comfortable seating position. A toilet is too high and too big for a small child, even with a special toilet seat on the toilet it can be tricky for your child to get on and off, as well as to balance.

Potty chairs are the perfect height for your child. They are stable and have a back rest. Some of the higher end potty chairs have arms rests and other awesome features too.

One of the biggest challenges when you first start potty training is getting your child to sit on the toilet or potty long enough to have any success. Children of that age have a notorious short attention span and are very active.

Having a comfortable and stable potty chair will provide a comfortable and stable place for your child to sit helping your child to sit longer.

Giving your child a potty training book to read or a favorite toy to play with while sitting on a comfortable potty chair will drastically improve the chances for quicker potty training success.

  1. A Baby Potty Chair Is So Much More Fun

A basic potty usually just comes in different colours with maybe one cute picture on it, while a baby potty chair can come with so many different fun and exciting features.

Just take a look at this cute and funky baby potty chair, it is so funky and close to the real thing even down to the toilet paper holder!

Having a fun potty chair that has cool features that will attract your child’s attention and hold it as long as possible will make potty training easier.

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