PanelSmart shopping rewards

PanelSmart Review – Get Paid To Share Your Shopping Habits

Earning money back on my shopping is amazing, I make use of a few ways to do this and one is PanelSmart. Read my PanelSmart review to find out how you can also get cash back on your shopping.

PanelSmart Review - Get Paid To Share Your Shopping Habits

What Is PanelSmart?

Panelsmart is a global monitoring system used by Kantar Worldpanel to track the grocery shopping habits and trends of over 1.3 million families. The data collected from these families is then utilised by manufacturers and retailers to improve their products and services for consumers worldwide.

How Does It Work?

You sign up for PanelSmart here and they will contact you with some questions to see if you are the demographic that they are looking for. When you have been approved you will receive login details and you must download the PanelSmart app.

Every time you go grocery shopping you scan the barcodes of the products you have purchased and submit a photo of your till slip. Each month PanelSmart rewards you a monetary amount into your PanelSmart account. You can then purchase products on the PanelSmart website or buy store vouchers on the website.

PanelSmart Rewards Cashouts

My PanelSmart Review

When I first signed up it took about a week for Kantar Worldpanel to call me and interview me to ensure I fit what they were looking for. I received my login information and downloaded the app to get started.

I’ve been a part of PanelSmart for a year and I absolutely love it. It took a little bit of time for me to get used to how to use PanelSmart and to allocate some time for scanning my grocery shopping after my shopping trips, but now I’m into the habit of it and it is easy.

Items that must be scanned are all food and non-food groceries that you purchase including toiletries and cleaning products. Items that must not be scanned are unbranded/ loose fruit, vegetables and fresh meat products, cigarettes, clothing, toys, and stationery.

When you open the app you choose which store you shopped at, the monetary amount your shopping came to, and the date of purchase. You then scan the barcode of the items and when you are done you submit a photo of your slip.

PanelSmart has paid me out R85 per month plus there have been bonuses here and there. In total I’ve made R1590 from PanelSmart since I joined. Yes it is not a huge amount, but with the way things cost these days every little bit extra helps. I use PanelSmart as well as SnapnSave and SavvySaver to get cash back on my shopping.

I’ve cashed out Takealot vouchers each time since I love buying from Takealot.

Kantar WorldPanel usually phones me every month to check that my details are the same and ask me if I have any questions or problems.

PanelSmart Pros And Cons


  • PanelSmart is easy to use.
  • You get money back on your grocery shopping.
  • You earn R85 a month plus the occasional bonus.
  • The PanelSmart website has a wide range of products on offer including appliances, gadgets, fragrances, baby goods, and more.
  • You can buy gift cards on the website including for Takealot, Uber, Netflorist, Loot, Sorbet, John Dory’s, Legit, Edgars, Yuppie Chef, and more.


  • The website deducts part of your earnings when you buy vouchers. For example when you buy a R50 Takealot voucher R56 gets deducted from your PanelSmart account. This doesn’t appear to happen with product purchases.
  • It can be tedious to scan all your shopping, especially when you first get started and you are not used to it.

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  1. Ruweida Muhammad

    I’m going to try this, thanks for sharing

  2. I am signing up as we speak. Could do with extra cash as a signle mom

  3. I’m going to try this ❤️ this is informative thanks

  4. I’ve been a member for sometime and have changed my mobile number

  5. i’ve signed up for this in August. and thus far i have almost R150 in my wallet. And Serena is super nice. calls me at least once a week

  6. Doria Cucciolillo

    Wow this is great, I am definitely signing up! Jip, not a big amount but would make a huge difference over time if you deposit it into an investment account!

    • Exactly Doria! With the cash back I get from apps I like to not look at my totals and just focus on snapping my till slips… then when times are tough (like festive season) I cash out and it really makes a difference!

  7. PanelSmart here I come lol Thank you for always sharing with us on ways we could also earn something extra I love your content it is always helpful.

    • PanelSmart is tops, I’ve been with them now for over a year and they are superb. Make sure to snap all your shopping – if you are an avid snapper they give you bonuses!

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