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How An Oil Diffuser Makes Pregnancy And Postpartum Easy

Essential oils have a soothing fragrance that is much needed. These oils are either applied directly or are diffused in the air using an aroma oil diffuser. There are many reasons and many instances where we use an aroma oil diffuser. It can be used in offices to make the employees extra productive, or at home to burst stress. The best use for the essential oil diffuser is during the entire process of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. Here are some of the essential oils that can be used in the aroma oil diffuser and the ways that this amazing diffuser can be of help to you. 

How an oil diffuser makes pregnancy and postpartum easy

Oils That Can Be Used In The Oil Diffuser During Pregnancy

The pregnancy cycle is divided into three trimesters and each trimester is a duration of three months respectively. Have a close look at the oils to use in the oil diffuser in every stage to have a happy pregnancy. 

Trimester 1:

The first trimester begins when you get to know about the life growing inside you. You need to be extremely careful about your choice of essential oils in the diffuser as there are a few oils that make you have preterm contractions. These contractions can lead to miscarriages and are very dangerous. You can use the oils of lavender to keep your mood swings at bay. This makes your stay happy and makes you avoid being cranky. You can also diffuse the fragrances of eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil and basil oil in the air to increase your immunity from all the infections and boost the immunity of your baby and you. 

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Trimester 2:

Trimester 2 grants you a little more freedom to use the choice of your oils in the aroma oil diffuser. This means to say that you can be using the essential oils of lemongrass, sweet orange, rosewood, sandalwood, and the anti-microbial oils like ginger, basil, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil. These oils are called the best friends of pregnant women and keep the baby in you calm and relaxed too.  

Trimester 3:

The third trimester of pregnancy is the last three months. This period is very crucial and you need to be very careful in using essential oils. Yet again, you will have to avoid the fragrances that cause contractions. If the contractions start early, you will be giving birth to a preterm baby and this is not good. You can diffuse the oils of chamomile and lavender in the aroma oil diffuser to keep yourself free from anxiety.

Benefits Of Oil Diffuser During Pregnancy

Here are some essential benefits of using the essential oils inside the aroma oil diffuser during pregnancy:

  • Controls your mood swings – If you are pregnant, you may often find your self laughing, crying, getting angry, or looking glad for no reason. This happens because of the hormonal changes in your body. The oils of sweet orange diffused using the aroma oil diffuser can control the hormone secretions and keep your mood swings at bay.
  • Stops your nausea – Morning sickness, nausea, and vomiting are a common side effect of being pregnant. These symptoms are most common in the first trimester but can go on for the whole pregnancy. While some think that the nausea feeling is common, it can be stopped and curbed using an aroma oil diffuser. Oils like that of peppermint, spearmint, and lemongrass can cure nausea and vomiting too. 
  • Aids detoxification – Detoxification of the body is very important during pregnancy. The best way to get detoxified is to inhale the fragrance of basil oil. Diffuse this essential oil using an oil diffuser and stay detoxed during pregnancy. 
  • Curbs insomnia – Pregnant women deal with a lot of discomfort and are advised to sleep on their side and not straight. All of this spoils their good sleep. If you are facing this issue, diffuse frankincense oil or lavender oil into the air using an oil diffuser and make way for good sleep.
  • Improves digestion – Intaking the fragrance of peppermint oil using an oil diffuser makes way for better digestion and there ease  issues of constipation or indigestion that trouble you when you are pregnant.

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Benefits Of Oil Diffuser During Labor

The aroma oil diffuser can be one of the essential devices that you can carry to your hospital during childbirth and here is the reason behind it.

  • Keeps you calm – The first thought of labor is ‘stress.’ There is so much anxiety and stress that you deal with when you welcome a new family member. At this time, all that you need is some good fragrance that keeps you cool. You can take the oil diffuser with you and diffuse the fragrance of either rose oil or lavender oil to keep you in a good mood. 
  • Relaxes you – The last stage of your pregnancy is the most uncomfortable and the most painful part of your entire pregnancy cycle. . At this time, you can find some comfort in smelling some diffused sandalwood oil with the help of an oil diffuser. 
  • Helps in contractions – This news to only be followed under medical advice and supervision, however, this is also one of the benefits. Oils like cinnamon trigger the brain and fasten the contractions of the uterus. This helps you to have a normal delivery. 

Benefits Of Oil Diffuser During Postpartum 

The usage of an oil diffuser and essential oil fragrances does not end with the birth of your baby. Here are some benefits after you deliver your little one. 

  • Reduces pain – Just like how Epsom salt is one of the most relieving pain killers, there are some oils like lavender and chamomile that are diffused using the oil diffuser and this is the best postpartum pain relief method that doctors often recommend too. 
  • Keeps baby calm – Oils like lavender trigger better sleep in babies as well as adults. They keep the little ones less cranky and help them sleep better. 
  • Boosts immunity – Babies are highly prone to infections. You can keep the baby and yourself safe by diffusing the oils of eucalyptus, tea tree, basil, and even lavender into the oil. The anti-microbial properties of these oils purify the air around you and keep you both healthy. 

This blog has answered most of the questions pertaining to the aroma oil diffuser and its uses. If you get pregnant, make sure you shop for one such nice diffuser and make way for better health.  

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