Behind The Scenes October 2022 – Busy Birthday Month

October 2022 was a crazy busy month, with my daughter’s 11 birthday, a rock climbing date, the start of the 4th term, and settling into our new home after our move.

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My Daughter’s Birthday

Wow time flies, I can’t believe my little girl turned 11 this month. It feels like yesterday she was in diapers! We had a fantastic birthday party at home with old school party games and swimming.

I really got my bake on and enjoyed it. It has been a while since I baked for my kids’ birthday parties since there was covid and then last year things were so busy and I got burnt out, so I just bought snacks rather than baked anything.

I made some of my favourite no flop recipes – strawberry cheesecake, lemon meringue pie, blueberry muffins, chocolate button muffins, and chocolate cupcakes with caramel topping. I also made a fruit platter and cooked some sausage rolls (frozen bought from the shop). Check out the spread in my Instagram photos below.


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We played pass the parcel and my all time favourite party game, the Chocolate Game. I couldn’t believe that none of the moms or kids that came had ever heard of the Chocolate Game. It is serious fun and so easy to organize. During my live video on Friday it was great to hear that some of the moms know the Chocolate Game.

To see how it works check out my Instagram post below.


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Rescue Hybrids Trade Exchange

My son received the full set of Rescue Hybrids and he is completely in love with this amazing set. The toys can be played with individually or they can be connected together, with loads of features and multiple functions.

Read my review here, and enter the competition on the Dickie Toys Facebook page to win a set for your child.


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Rock Climbing Date

My husband and I went rock climbing and it was a mind-blowing experience. I managed to climb right to the top, and I learned a lot. The biggest takeaway I had was that for the first time in a long time I had real fun, doing something I wanted to do with my husband.

We spend so much of time trying to consider our children’s needs and not so much time thinking about what we want as individuals or as a couple. We are definitely going to be focusing more on us in future.


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Loving Body Stress Release Sessions For Sciatica

I’ve struggled with sciatica since my first pregnancy in 2011, and I’ve been going to Body Stress Release sessions since 2013 with amazing success. The thing is that I’ve only ever gone for sessions when my sciatica starts flaring up again.

I’m now doing BSR sessions as maintenance rather than damage control and I’m very excited to see how things works out. Last year I left it too long to have my session when it started flaring up and it was a big mistake, I put my back out completely which was very painful and it took a long time to recover fully.

I see Norah at Body Stress Release West Coast, in Port Owen. She is amazing. You can contact Ron on 0825527199 to make a booking with her, or look for a Body Stress Release practitioner in your area.


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Beautiful Dresses From Superbalist

While I like to look good, for me comfort is key. The thing is that the things that feel comfortable for me are often not great looking. So when I bought a dress from Superbalisdt that feels like it was made for me I had to share about it. I also had to buy it in another colour.

Check out my Instagram reel showing both dresses.


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I’m Loving My Puzzle Mat And New Puzzles

I’m a huge fan of doing puzzles, and the puzzle mat I bought from Takealot rocks. It means that I can puzzle anywhere and any time I like since I can roll up my puzzle and store it.

The RSG puzzles I bought are fantastic, high quality and loads of fun to do. I bought 2 ocean scene puzzles.

Check out my reel showing how the puzzle mat works in action.


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Sweatcoin Update

I am ready to write my review on Sweatcoin, I just need to find the time to write it. I will try my best to get it done before my next monthly live video and blog post update.

Sweatcoin is an app that pays you to walk. For every 1000 steps you earn 1 Sweatcoin and you can cash out Sweatcoin for offers in the app. They also launched SWEAT crypto recently, which is what I was waiting for so I could see how it works to include in my review.

Honestly though the SWEAT does not impress me. I wanted to see if I could cash out my SWEAT for actual cash, but it looks like you can’t. Not only that but you can’t even cash out SWEAT for anything real. From what I can see you can only spend SWEAT to enter giveaways, which does not appeal to me at all. That said its not like I am spending anything to earn Sweatcoin or SWEAT so it is not like I’m losing anything.

Click here to join Sweatcoin.

Ysense Earnings Update

Ysense is a platform where you can earn money through completing online surveys and offers, playing games, and referring others. I’m still a huge fan of Ysense, although due to being so busy I have not been as active as I would like to be the last month.

Read my review on Ysense and also my post on how to earn more through Ysense.

Current Coupon Codes For You

Current Competitions

I’ve got 2 competitions currently running on my website and there are more soon to come.

I hope October 2022 was a good month for you, and that November is even better, I will catch up with you in a month’s time.

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  1. You a real rock,you look awesome,your kids can be so proud of their super mom they have in their lifes.

  2. enjoyed the live and want to try the chocolate game with my little family, seems interesting ?

  3. Cheesecake looks divine, it was also my daughters birthday and i have been so busy this past week. This weekend is her birthday party and i have so much to do. The chocolate game sounds like loads of fun, Rescue hybrids is such a cool toy. Wow youre really outgoing with the rock climbiing i would have been really scared. Your dresses are beautiful. congratulations to your son on his chess awards. Your puzzles are beautiful. Did you see SnapnSave has a R5 coupon on anything

    • Yes I saw the R5 coupon on anything on SnapnSave and claimed it already!Good luck with preparing for your daughter’s birthday party this weekend and happy birthday to her 🙂

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