Newborn Baby Gets Her Hair Washed And Enjoys It So Much

This video of a newborn baby getting her hair washed for the first time and loving it is just way too adorable. I know when I first washed my baby’s hair it didn’t go nearly as smoothly as this.


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  1. Haha watching that face so calm & relaxed makes me wish for a head massage & relax looks so happy & calm

  2. I love this video saw it before as well it just make me think of my son his doula in hospital had him falling asleep in the bath the way she bath and wash his hair only his mouth was out of the water otherwise his whole body nose eyes ears all in the water busy sleeping and she bathed him while sleeping we made a video it was amazing something to experiance.

  3. Wow she is really enjoying this my son when he was a baby he hates head wash

  4. Wow really enjoying she is so relaxed??

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