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Nespresso Heralds Coffee Craftmanship With The Latest Additions To The 2020 Master Origins Range

Coffee lovers around the world are set to experience coffee craftsmanship from far flung corners of the globe with the latest addition to the Nespresso Master Origins range.

The new limited edition Master Origin Aged Sumatra single origin coffee launched today, complementing the existing blends in Nespresso’s Master Origins range.

Inspired by the skills of some of the finest artisans, the Master Origins range gives coffee enthusiasts the chance to experience legendary tastes that would otherwise elude consumers.

Harnessing the local skills and knowledge from local coffee farmers in these regions, Nespresso Master Origins coffees are produced with meticulous care to deliver coffee excellence in each cup of Nespresso coffee. The distinctive aromatics of these coffees are not only linked to the countries of origin, but also to the specific ways of processing coffee by local farming communities. Each coffee sourced, has allowed for Nespresso to work in partnership with local coffee farmers to produce these distinctive coffees to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Discover the full Master Origins range

Discover Limited Edition Master Origin Aged Sumatra Wet-Hulled Aged Arabica

As one of the first places in the world known for growing coffee on a large scale, Sumatra in Indonesia is renowned for the quality coffee beans it produces that offer a unique combination of body, depth and flavour.

High up around Gayo Mountain, in the Aceh province of the island of Sumatra, groups of skillful coffee farmers devote their expertise to the unusual process of giling basah. This process consists in removing the coffee cherry flesh and parchment while the beans inside are still wet, letting it breathe and dry more easily. Over the next 3 years the stored beans are left to moisten and dry with nature’s rhythms. These craftspeople take great care to continuously re-bag the coffee beans to ensure even ageing. The coupling of Indonesia’s giling basah method with the meticulous aging over several years develops a distinctive coffee profile.

Coffee lovers can expect a spicy woody profile with a velvety feel. Complex notes of cocoa and sweet caramel are also present throughout.

Discover Master Origin Ethiopia Dry Processed Arabica

A light and short roast keeps the more delicate notes alive and singing through the wilder, heavier aromatics of this Ethiopian coffee.

The traditional natural process adds a unique taste – rich, and incredibly aromatic. You’ll pick up anything from the warming aroma of ripe fruit to delicate orange blossom notes.

Nespresso coffess

Discover Master Origin Columbia Late Harvest Arabica

A short roast at medium temperatures keeps the deep and delicate aromatics of Master Origin Colombia with Late Harvest in balance.

You’ll taste all the winey red fruit notes of blackcurrant and cranberry that surface when you wait. A bright acidity makes this a vivacious coffee. And it’s in smooth balance with those seductive aromatics.

Discover Master Origin Nicaragua with Black Honey Arabica

Split roasting Master Origin Nicaragua with a medium and a slightly shorter roast keeps these Nicaraguan coffees in balance.

Master Origin Nicaragua with Black Honey processed Arabica is a nectarous coffee. It has a satiny smooth texture and warming sweet cereal notes. Its distinct sweetness comes from the rare Black Honey process.

Discover Master Origin India Monsoon Arabica

This coffee roasting process on this Arabica Robusta blend keeps the distinct Arabica and Robusta characteristics alive.

Master Origin India with Robusta Monsoon owes its wild taste to the unique monsooning process. When the coffee beans spend months faced to the wind, they develop a distinct woody, savory, spicy taste – as thick and lingering as sea mist. A powerful cup. Using Robusta along with the Arabica coffee really gives it that heavy, syrupy body.

Discover Master Origin Indonesia Wet-Hulled Arabica

Split roasting this Sumatra coffee with a medium and slightly shorter roast gives a great complexity of aromatic notes in the cup.

Master Origin Indonesia wet-hulled Arabica has a thick and rich, velvety body. It’s wild in its cured tobacco notes and you’ll get whiffs of tropical woody aromas.

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