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The Best Defence Is A Multi-defence

Shew, the disruption, stress, fear, and grief that Covid-19 has brought into our lives! We have no choice but to keep on doing the best we can to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

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The Best Defence Is A Multi-defence


Nearly two years into the pandemic there is much scientific evidence about how individuals can ward off the virus, prevent hospitalisation or support recovery. Fortunately, we live in a country with a well-respected medical body which has informed South Africa’s vaccination rollout, and a professional and compassionate healthcare fraternity that goes the extra mile for their patients.  Still, as individuals, we have a huge part to play in our own defence, and as always, the best defence is to adopt a multi defence strategy.

“Face masks combined with other preventive measures, such as getting vaccinated, frequent hand-washing and physical distancing, can help to slow the spread of the virus” –

As many of us return to the office and congregate indoors over meals and drinks, we also need to think about ventilation to minimise the indoor spread of Covid-19.

And we can power up our body’s natural immune defences to fight against the onslaught of contagious infections, germs which are everywhere, poor diet, stress and pollution. Things we can control:

  1. Native Multi-defenceEat healthily, which means more vegetables and fruit and cutting back on deep fried and stodgy fast foods.
  2. Move regularly. This can add up to big health and fitness benefits, for example, 20 minutes of brisk walking five or more days a week has been shown to boost immunity. Plan fun active get-togethers with family, friends, or colleagues. Think bike rides or walks to collect coffee, start up a backyard cricket or footy game, take a ball or frisbee for play dates.
  3. Supplement healthily. Well-respected nutritional supplier, Nativa, has a range of immune boosting nutritional supplements. Check them out on Look out for new Nativa Complex® Multi-Defence tablets, a health supplement formulated to deliver the benefits of two immune and antioxidant boosting vitamins (Vitamins C and D) and minerals (zinc and selenium) to promote antioxidants and good health.

All products are available from Takealot, Dis-Chem, Clicks and selected pharmacies nationwide.

Win a Philips Air Fryer

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This competition is open for residents of South Africa and Terms and Conditions apply.

The winner will be announced on our competitions page - this competition is open from:

29 November – 03 January 2022

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  1. ❤️❤️ So much love for Lynn!!!! ❤️❤️

    • What a lovely read. I have never been as diligent with my supplements as I am in this pandemic!

      • #WinWithKaboutjie I would love for my soon to be wife Charmaine Franke and myself to start of with a healthy Airfryer. Our wedding date
        is 23 January ?❤️ thank you so much.

  2. Would love to win this, healthy cooking all te way!

  3. What an amazing read especially in these tough times when our health is our first line of defense

  4. Immune boosting is definitely needed these days for all ages.

    • #WinWithKaboutjie
      Would absolutely love to win this amazing give away. Thank you #Kaboutjie and #NativaComplex for the opportunity.

  5. Great giveaway. ??for a win.

  6. Magdeline Mothiba

    I wish I can win this competition

  7. We definitely have to boost our immune systems. I believe it in, as it also helps us fight any colds and flu if we were to get them. Each one of us make use of immune boosters daily, it’s always part of our daily routine.

  8. Enjoyed reading this article definitely need to give these immune boosting supplements a try!

  9. Oooh how I would love to win this ???

    • Eating healthy is not easy! I love food. The airfryer will help a lot with the process. I think my biggest current problem is in getting exercise bècause I hurt my knee last year and it keeps on giving problems as some days walking is quite difficult (sigh).

    • Wow Lovely giveaway! I think every house should have an Airfryer especially when you try to live healthier but also loves tasty food!!

  10. May I please be choosen ?

  11. Oh I have never wanted to win anything more!! Holding thumbs

  12. I wish i could win this airfryer, it will so ideal for my diet, im a renal patient and trying to make some healthy dishes, argh its so difficult

  13. Would love one of these as I’ll be starting my journey to banting

  14. Would love to win this.

  15. Awesome giveaway! Need a bit of good news for a change.

    • I always want a air fryer wish I can afford it this will be such good prize towards my health no more in cooking in oil my new resolution to start with a healthy balance lifestyle

  16. OMG Lynne i have been saving my survey money hoping that one day i can own an airfryer,but it never gets enough , i love cooking and baking so much that if i can win this airfryer definetly my cooking skills are going to be advanced…there’s no day that goes by without me googling the cheapest airfryer ? some people call it the peer pressure airfryer,i think its true because im soo obsessed i even joined the airfryer group so that i can learn how to operate it and setting the cooking times.i 110% want to win this and cook a special meal for my husband on Christmas ?
    #Winwithkaboutjie #airfryer #win #Philips

    • I’ve heard these air fryers are incredible, I wouldn’t mind owning one myself! Which survey company are you with? I love Ysense, you can read my review here. Yes it is slow going to earn from surveys but I have found this to be the best platform ever. I’ve made $47.22 this month already through them, so it is half way to buying an air fryer.

  17. I desperately need an airfryer but I can’t afford one at the moment, I hope to win it

  18. Hy Lynn. So if I take this, won’t I have to take pills that cleans my liver? Or does it also protect the liver?

  19. It’s a dream of mine to own an airfryer. I have so many healthy meals planned, in my mind ?. I am currently unemployed and easy healthy meals for my family isnt always something we can do. Sometimes we can do the healthy part and other times the easy part, it’s the healthy part we want to get right especially because my eldest has a gut issue and I can make delicious greens in this mean machine without him complaining that it’s too much green food.

  20. Would like to try and do healthy eating. Ease bless me with this prize.

  21. Would love to win this especially for my kids to pop in their fish fingers and their crumbed stuff it’s so much more healthier than deep frying it…I use my neighbor’s certain times so would love to own one

  22. I’m so happy to be the part of #winwithkaubotjie,My life will change if I could win this Awesome giveaway..

  23. Would love to win this… Hubby always wanted one and this year we can’t afford christmas gifts? with everything that happend this past few months……..

  24. Praying to win so that I will surprise my grandmother

  25. Always wanted a air fryer

  26. What an AMAZING give away!
    Healthy lifestyle, good supplements and better eating choices are a definite must for building good immune systems in young and older 😉
    Would absolutely love to have these in my household!

    • This will be a great christmas gif for me and my kids to have healthy meals going into the new year. Especially with my little one that i battle to get to eat veg this immune booster will be 1 less thing for me to worry about with the new school year coming and this 4th wave it will be great for whole family to boost our systems.

  27. This would make life so much easier for me, I look after a baby plus my sick 94 year old mom, it is such a difficult time for me and these last 2 years have certainly taken everything out of me

    • Dear Lynn… I love the Philips Air fryer… And would love to have one of my own. It will save sooo much time to cook a healthy meal every night…. I work until very late every night. Often 8,9 or later than 10pm… By the time I get home I don’t have the time or energy to cook meat so we would often have Pasta or quick unhealthy food or take aways instead of a decent piece of meat or chicken… So this Philip Air fryer would help me and my family a great deal…. 🙂 #Philips #Kaboutjie liked & entered & shared xxx

  28. Haydine Stubbs-Fortuin

    Would love to win this!!

  29. What are great read I have one and believe me it makes cooking easier and it’s way healthier,all the best to everyone ???

  30. what an amazing giveaway

    • It’s always such a good thing to be reminded that taking care of yourself, eating well, supplementing, exercising and staying on the safe side helps very much when coming to covid. We tend to relax and forget that we going through a tough time. So thank you for this.

      This Airfryer also definitely Wil help in preparing healthier meals that will still taste delicious.

  31. Reshika Kassienarian

    Awesome Giveaway
    I would love to win this.

  32. A healthy lifestyle is so important ❤ An airfryer would definitely help with making healthy nutritious meals!

  33. Quentin X. Viljoen

    I’ve been following and sharing the Kaboutjie pages for a very long time now, but have yet toi gain anything from it. I keep asking more of my friends to like/share these, but haven’t had success there either. Shouldn’t the marketing strategy be somewhat adapted now?

  34. I love the Nativa Range!! Sometimes we get so caught up in our busy lifestyles that we fail to take proper care of ourselves, we put our kids first which is great but moms need to be taken care of too, because if mom falls sick then everything falls apart.

  35. Every mammas dream right about now?

  36. What an awesome supplement. It is on our shopping list. Thank you for the article??

  37. I must say that your reviews really help. After look for a vitamin for my kids I tried Nativa and do not regret it. Thank you!

  38. AMAZING giveaway holding ??. Hope I win something

  39. I need this ?????

  40. Amazing giveaway this would be such a blessing.

  41. Another great blog post, thank you

  42. I would love to win this fabulous Air fryer to help me cook up healthy meals for my family

  43. I would love to win this fabulous airfryer to cook up healthy meals for my family. Your products are AMAZING!

  44. Would love to win this

  45. Ahh keeping my fingers and toes crossed for this very awesome prize

  46. WOW, I would love to win a Airfreyer. I will keep my fingers crossed. I actually have this on my Christmas List for hubby. hehee

  47. Louise Barry-Taylor

    Oooooh! Pick me, pick me! I’m already on a weight loss and fitness journey, 5.5kg down so far – and air fryer would be AWESOMENESS! 🙂

  48. Best giveaways ,I would really love to own a airfryer oneday .Crossing fingers for this awesome prize.

  49. Wow what lovely compettions, keep up the good work.

    Thamk you

  50. Michelle Van Rooyen

    New to your page. Popped in and out of your pages, and I love your posts!!!! Interesting, educational and loving the competition goodies. Great page.

  51. Would love to win an airfyer. Been wanting to buy one since last year but unable to afford it due to finance difficulties. Crossing fingers and toes.

  52. I have just started following your group on Facebook and enjoyed reading all your posts and the comments

    • So my new years resolution is that i would love to lose weight, eat healthier and exercise. This airfryer would be so ideal in order for me to accomplish my goals.

  53. Thanks for the great blog post about nativa multi defence. I have bought their products before and will definitely consider buying this one.

  54. Being a health care worker ,working late hours this prize would really assist in preparing healthy food faster for my family. Really wish to win this airfryer!

  55. Veronica Taljaard


  56. Awesome giveaway

  57. Jerushia Olivier

    Thank you for a very informative read!
    Awesome prize ??

  58. Holding thumbs!

  59. How I would love to win this awesome giveaway?winning this airfryer would mean more healthy eating days, no hussles just pure healthy prepared food..prepared at my greatest convenience

  60. Lovely read!! Our immune systems have definitely taken a knock with stress, COVID etc and I think we all need to be take some sort of immune booster so our bodies don’t run down completely

  61. looking forward to healthy cooking 😀 crossing fingers

  62. I would like to win this awesome giveaway

  63. I’ve been using Nativa supplements for me and my family for a while now, I find their products to be really pleasant and the prices are reasonable as well. Awesome giveaway, to win an Airfryer would be amazing!

  64. It is very important to have multivitamins and it really helps with the covid . When you have the covid your immune system is very low I am speaking from experience I had the covid @Kaboutjie #winwithkaboutjie

  65. Crossing my fingers,
    and crossing my toes..
    Who’s gonna win?
    No one knows ?

  66. This would ne an amazing win for my mom, whose been working hard on the Frontline as a nurse ?

  67. I have stayed my by in-laws for a few days and I got to try out their Air Fryer.. and boy do I have to tell you its so easy to use, quick and fast food is done and taste delicious and not to mention Healthy!! This is a great giveaway

  68. Perfect gift for Christmas

  69. An absolutely superb Christmas gift for myself

  70. I recently moved into my own place with my son.Winning this prize will help lighten the load and help me ensure that my son eats healthier

  71. I would love to have a airfryer… Every month I am eying them… and then they are so expensive and i am lime nah not now… don’t have money now, other things more important – Would be soooo amazing if i could win this… Dinners would be quicker and so much delicious ideas to try out with airfryer

  72. Would love to win the air fryer. All my friend shave one and I am super jealous!

  73. I’d love to own the airfry so that my family can enjoy healthy meals.

  74. Always wanted an airfryer but unable to afford it.

  75. This would be a great appliance in the kitchen. Not only does it promote healthier eating but my teenage boys wont burn the house down as its super easy to use.

  76. This would be such a blessing for me and my family, being diabetic and having to change my lifestyle has been a challenge. This gift would really help in starting to eat more healthier.

  77. Angelique de Swardt

    Would be a amazing prize and will definitely help speed up dinner preparation!

  78. This is honestly the best gift to win for any mom! Saves time and so convenient in making healthier options of food

  79. What a beauty

  80. I would love to win this amazing price as it is my wish to start eating healthy next year. So this would definitely make it more easier

  81. I would love to win this #WinWithKaboutjie

  82. An airfyer is on my wishlist.. its been for ages.. apparently they are really awesome and such a healthier option of cooking.

  83. Lebogang Gabaathole

    I enjoy ur blog and learn alot frm it.

  84. Lebogang Gabaathole

    I would love to win this air fryer?? fingers crossed

  85. I’m currently recovering from covid, I tested positive on the of 13th December.
    The most challenging part is preparing meals for the family when fatigue is all you feel.
    And family don’t live nearby to assist you with cooked food.
    There were days that I dreamt of having an airfryer.

  86. Absolutely loving this article

  87. This is a absolute win..
    I’m a sucker for natural supplements especially now with c19 .. I’m not the most healthy eater but I like to invest in a good multi defence supplement. Love the fact that its natural.

    Someone say airfyer, the one item I need in the kitchen heard so many good reviews about the airfryer. And saw so many mouth watering dishes

  88. Awesome giveaway, air fryer is on my wish list. With no Oven I could do with this awesome prize.

  89. My daughter has an airfryer and I was surprised when she showed me all the cooking and health benefits. I would love to win this airfryer, for it open new food-explorations… what a great article!

  90. Would love to win this amazing prize! ?

  91. I would really love to win this. Ive been entering everyday and sharing all the way. If only i could afford this. Wow this is amazing giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity.

  92. What a healthy way to fry even when Covid19 is not around

  93. Would love this airfryer!

  94. I would love to win this great price ???.

  95. Would absolutely love this

  96. What an awesome give away. Hope it comes with recipes from Phillips, if this makes life easier then it’s a definite win!!!!!!

    • I’m honestly not sure if it comes with recipes or not! I love searching Youtube for new recipes so that’s an option 🙂

  97. Would love more than anything to win this Airfryer. Its something ive always wanted one but could never afford it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  98. Immune Boosters are so important, definitely going to have a look at Nativa Complex, especially while Covid lingers. The fact that it’s natural is a plus!

  99. How awesome it will be to win this airfryer.
    I’m doing weight lost this year with my partner we don’t have a oven where we could just pop in veg or meat.. my partner smokes out the house when making meat in the pan.
    This would be a great win ? to even more healthy lifestyle.

  100. For 2022 im on a journey for self love. My goal is to lose weight, eat healthier and exercise. This amazing giveaway Phillips Airfryer would be ideal for me to accomplish my goals. Thank you for this opportunity.

  101. Would love to win!
    #Nativa Multi-defence

  102. Lovely read. I’ve been taking a immune supplement daily from the starr of this pandemic, and except for covid in 2020, i haven’t been sick as much as usual. Even though I’m a SAHM now i still drink my daily immune booster.

    Eating healthy is so much easier with a air fryer. One of the main reasons for unhealthy eating is convenience, and the air fryer makes eating healthier / better so much easier because anything is convenient! My sister has one and I’m always amazed by the effortless, easy cooking that can be achieved with the air fryer. And low fat meals for the kids.

  103. I would love to win this so that I can cook healthier meals!

  104. One of the very few who did not leave 2020 with a baby, an air-fryer, or a dog!! But an Airfryer is something I grew to know about and is definitely now on my ‘need to have’ list. I hope I win this.

  105. Awesome Giveaway! Perfect gifts to start my healthy living lifestyle. Fingera crossed

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