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Nanny Cam in Welkom Exposes Baby Abuse!

A couple from Welkom has exposed their nanny abusing their baby after hiding a nanny cam in their house when they noticed odd behaviour from their child.

The child’s mother said she went shopping with her six-year-old child on December 21, and she set up a camera in her living room where their nanny was left to look after the baby. She reportedly said she previously had a bad experience with a former domestic worker and wanted to see for her own peace of mind how the nanny treated her children when she was not at home.

The video reportedly showed the nanny slapping the baby while he was crying, shoving his head on the floor and pulling him up by his shirt.Charges were then laid against the worker.

She appeared in the Welkom Magistrate’s Court, in the Free State, on December 23 and was released on R1000 bail. She will appear again on January 29.

What are your thoughts on nanny cams and leaving your child in someone else’s care in your home?

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  1. This is so, so sad R1000 bail???? I am sorry to say this so brutally but I will NEVER give the nanny over to the police as nothing gets done. I will deal with the nanny myself 1st and torture her like she tortured my babies

  2. This was the most nerve reckon videos I’ve ever seen. No normal, sane, person can treat a little baby like that. R1000 bail? So much for childrens Rights and Justice in this country. Beyond sad and beyond angry. Appalling,

  3. I am beyond shocked! R1000? Seriously…she should be locked up in a dark cell for a lifetime.

  4. I am beyond shocked….
    Poor child let alone parents that “thought” they would pay someone to look after their child
    I would turn black blue red until justice was served on my innocent child and make sure the peraon is exposed.
    We as parents take risks in having nannies or sending kids to creche or day mother. They innocent children you would never in your wildest dream expect something like this to happen

    • Lynne Huysamen

      This was a while back and yes it was shocking. I have never felt happy to use a baby sitter or a nanny at home. I get so tired sometimes because my children are with me, with my husband or at their playschool and it gets so exhausting. I’m sure you know the feeling!

  5. Shocking yes its a while ago but it happens alot i will go 100% with a nanny cam i want to know if some harms my child ill trangle that person i hate to see how baby sitters or nannies caught on camera hit or kick babies i get so mad.

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