Behind The Scenes 05 November 2021 – Municipal Elections 2021

I hope you have had a fantastic week and that you managed to vote successfully on Monday. It has been another busy week my side since I have been playing catch up again due to loadshedding. The combination of all that plus my daughter’s birthday last weekend has meant there has been a lot on the go!

Getting Ready To Go Away To Berg River Resort

I’ve been wanting to go to the Berg River Resort with my family for so long and it is finally happening this afternoon! It looks perfect for me and my kids offering plenty of activities and of course the river which will provide loads of fun for my kids. I’ve checked the weather and we are in for a rain free weekend which is a huge bonus.

I’m also super excited to be able to wear my awesome swimming costume again, for the first time I have a swimming costume that I feel comfortable and confident in! You can read more about it in my review on it.

I will share stories on Instagram over the weekend so you can see what we are getting up to.

 Municipal Elections 2021 & Meeting Andre Truter At The Voting Station

It was fantastic to meet Andre Truter, Ward 5 Counsellor of Saldanha and candidate for mayor of Saldanha Bay Municipality on Monday when I went to vote. This is the first time I have met someone in person that I have voted for and of course I had to ask him about his take on the problem of addiction. It turns out his father is in recovery so he has some fantastic insight and it is great to know that addiction recovery is something close to his heart too.

I hope you all voted on Monday. I know our country is a mess, but if we don’t vote we can’t change anything. I went down first thing to vote and it started pouring with rain and I wasn’t prepared to stand outside waiting in the rain so I went home for an umbrella and went again later. Unfortunately then the line was quite long and right as I got to the front we the line came to a standstill and we were told there was a National tech issue. So many people left and I really hope they went back to vote later. Luckily the wait was only about 20 minutes and the line started moving again quickly and I got my vote in.

Bringing My Garden Back To Life

I love my pot garden but during winter I lost the plot and my garden became a graveyard. The reason I plant in pots is because we rent our home and the owners have a gardener come in each week. Firstly the owners don’t want me messing around with their garden but also I want something of my own so I prefer to have my pots.

While flowers are pretty my goal is to grow as much food for myself as I can, so I opt for growing herbs and salads. This week I finally got the motivation to restart my poor garden and it feels great. I bought some spinach and lettuce seedlings and I planted some coriander, cherry tomato and sweet basil seeds. Hopefully within the next few weeks I will see those germinating. Sometimes (often) my seeds don’t take.

While I’m not a particularly good gardener I do enjoy spending some time tending my garden each week. Here’s hoping I have some good results this season.

Lifegain Review

I’ve been loving my Lifegain nutritional supplements and finally made time to write and publish my review. If you are looking for a great way to boost your energy and ensure that you are getting in the right nutrition (especially when you are always on the go) then you will love Lifegain. They have a lovely range of flavours – keep an eye on my live videos for the next few weeks and you could win some to try yourself.

Getting Ready For 4th Term Exams

It feels like this year has flown by so fast and this week we received the demarcations for the 4th term exams. After this weekend it is time to knuckle down with my daughter and start studying for exams. Good luck to all the moms with kids that are writing this term!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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